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Who's your favourite country singer?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25265points) October 6th, 2013

As asked! Feel free to add your favourite country song or album too if you wish. I would probably say my favourites are Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton.

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I’m not a fan of most older country, Reba and Dolly included, but I enjoy the newer stuff. Jason Aldean is a favorite of mine.

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Hank (of course)
Johnny Cash
Lucinda Williams
Emmylou Harris

Willie Nelson – Crazy: The Demo Sessions
Lucinda Williams – Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
Lucinda Williams – Little Honey

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Hank Williams Sr.

Patsy Cline.

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Suzy Bogguss Hey Cinderella

Martina McBride Independence Day

Mary Chapin Carpenter Passionate Kisses

Gary Allan Smoke Rings in the Dark

K.D. Lang Crying

LeAnn Rimes Blue

Shania Twain That Don’t Impress Me Much

Vince Gill Never Knew Lonely

The Desert Rose Band He’s Back and I’m Blue

The Laurel Canyon Ramblers Love Reunited

Soggy Bottom Boys Man of Constant Sorrow

Alison Krauss When You Say Nothing At All

Mitch and Mickey (aka Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara) When You’re Next to Me

Iris Dement Our Town

Brandi Carlile Everything She’s Ever Done

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Johnny Cash (and June) is really the only country artist I listen to, if that’s country. All the country I hear nowadays sounds the same.
: I remember Shania Twain growing up. Man! I feel like a woman! DUH! DUH! duh duh duh DUH! DUH!

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Patsy Cline
Hank Williams
Willie Nelson.

I am all about Old School.

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Johnny Cash. One of my favorite songs is Ghost Riders in the Sky, but I like most of his stuff. Although the last songs he had were gettin’ a little odd. XD Still, great singer.

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Carrie Underwood
Garth Brooks

I don’t like a whole lot of country.

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Alabama (a band, but still… my all time favorite; I babysat the bass guitarist’s kids for a year and half and worked for their June Jam charity concerts)

and Garth Brooks. Love almost all his songs.

I enjoy many country singers’ songs, here and there.

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The howling dog over the back fence…........

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Lyle Lovett
Ryan Adams
Little Big Town
The Wailin Jennys

None are “traditional” country.

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Hank III.

That totally counts, ‘cause he put out a cover album of his grandpa’s stuff once.

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Johnny Cash. I never thought he could get any better then his early stuff and then he laid me low with Hurt .

Also, I might recommend Roseanne Cash. Johnny gave her his 50 favorite country songs of all time before he died and Roseanne is now recording all of these 50. The first Album of them is called The List.

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Thanks everyone. I like a lot of the newer country artists, Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler and Lady Antebellum in particular but I particularly love the older country music/artists. I saw Kenny Rogers in concert and loved every minute. I also really love Patsy Cline and Tammy Wynette.

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and, let us not forget Loretta Lynn!

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You might also enjoy the lesser known and more recent movie about June Carter and Johnny Cash that was on TV starring Jewel as June. I liked the more June-centric version of that one, although I loved the chemistry between Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line.

The one with Jewell is called Ring of Fire. You can probably find it on Netflix.

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Thank you @Kardamom I’ll try and find that one.

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I love the song I Hope You Dance. Until recently I thought it was Martina McBride. Turns out its actually LeeAnn Womack.
This should tell you how much country I actually listen to. lol

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@Katniss probably has III as her favorite Hank Williams, too.

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Does Roy Orbison count as country? I like some of his stuff too.

@Seek_Kolinahr Hmmmmm….. I don’t listen to Hank. Should I?

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Arson Anthem, Superjoint Ritual, the invention of Hellbilly metal… Yes, you should.

Official site

Check out the badass leather armour he’s wearing in the pic at the bottom of the landing page. A dear friend of mine made it. ^_^

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@Katniss Does Roy Orbison count as country?

I was thinking “absolutely!” and I went to look at the history.

I was surprised Orbison only hit the country charts late in his career.
Best Country Performance Duo Or Group (1980) with Emmylou Harris
Best Country Vocal Collaboration (1988) with k.d. lang
Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (1987)
16 Biggest Hits (Roy Orbison album) U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums #47 February 2001

Even more surprising to me was he was on the R&B charts in the early 60s.

He can’t be pigeon-holed, his songs and singing are something apart.

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@Seek_Kolinahr That leather armor rocks! You’re a metal girl too, so I’m going to trust you on this and give him a listen. :0)

@jaytkay That’s very interesting! I thought he was a country artist. lol
You really do learn something new every day. That you for all the research!

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Head-slap. How could I forget!?

John Devner!! Country Roads and Annie’s Song were one of the first songs I performed.

Eagles and Horses, Esmeralda, Leaving on a Jet Plane, Dreamland Express, The Flower that Shattered the Stone…

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@linguaphile I love John Denver, he’s probably the singer that got me into country in the first place!

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You know, I never thought of JD as a country singer for some reason. Probably because few of his songs were the “You broke my heart, You’re tearing me apart” genre. I am not sure what I felt he was but country was not it.

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@rojo I don’t think he was totally “country” when he was alive because he didn’t fit in with the sounds of Twitty, Strait, and Jones. Or Loretta Lynn or Dolly. Or Kenny Rogers.
But he seems to fit more with the sounds of country singers that came later.
What do you think?

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I thought John Denver was a folk singer…

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Country roads, take me home, to the place, I belong, West Virginia, mountain mama, take me home, country roads.

Sounds pretty country to me.

And don’t forget one of my favorite JD songs Grandma’s Feather Bed

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I think @Seek_Kolinahr is right, I think he was more of a folk singer. I would not classify Joan Baez or Joni Mitchell as country singers either.

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@Kardamom Grandma’s Feather Bed is definitely a favourite of mind. I would class John Denver as country.

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Joan Baez kicks ass.

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Favorite John Denver songs:

1. Tools
2. Poems, Prayers and Promises
3. Annie’s Song

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