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What should I wear to the gala?

Asked by the_overthinker (1527points) October 6th, 2013

I will be attending my first gala this month. It is a charity gala, and it will be a big event.

I’ve been googling up about what to wear to galas, and it seems that a lot of sites will say to wear “the best dress you have”.

So, I just wanted some more opinions from Fluther. I’m feeling keen on wearing a dark blue ball gown that I own, and wore for my grade 12 graduation banquet, but if not, I also own many more dresses. Including, a black evening gown.

Have you attended any galas before? What is the norm for females? Should I wear my Ball gown, or another dress?

Thanks in advance! :)

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What does the invitation say? This should be your guideline. Formal? Casual? Black Tie?

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@rojo, It says “Formal attire recommended; Business suit acceptable; Mess kit appropriate”

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A ball gown should be reserved for truly rare and extraordinary events. I suggest wearing a floor-length evening gown.

I am a drag queen. I know gowns.

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If Hawaii Jake says yes, do what he says and ignore all others.

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@jaytkay Yes, I’m a drag queen, and thank you for the vote of confidence. In all seriousness, if business suits are acceptable, then a ball gown would be overdressing. An elegant evening gown will stand out and make the wearer look graceful.

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@Hawaii_Jake, Okay, Thanks for the comment :)

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@Hawaii_Jake, what’s the difference between a ball gown and an evening gown?

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What is a “Mess Kit Appropriate”?

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Wear a gown that is easy to sit in rather than a full skirted dance gown. Pick the one you like yourself in best. And wear your nicest jewelry.

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@Jeruba, just a guess here but, guys wear ball gowns?

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@Jeruba This is a ball gown.

This is an evening gown.

The evening gown is form fitting.

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In addition: This is a charity to support “Wounded Soldiers”. The lieutenant governor will be attending as well.
@rojo, Mess kit, is formal evening wear for officers.

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Mess dress? Is it a military event?

Wikipedia: Mess Dress

Update: I missed the post above, so yes, I see it’s military.

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@Hawaii_Jake …thank you for the vote of confidence. In all seriousness…

Any time.

And I was serious. I know where to look for expertise.

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If it is military, does business suit mean dress formals?

My initial reaction is if they allow business suits, don’t wear anything with a lot of glitz or beading. But, if it means military dress formals then you can go very dressy I would say.

I would not where a ball gown. I agree with @Hawaii_Jake.

Can you ask people who have attended similar events before? Are there any photos from previous galas you can look at? Black evening gown sounds safe, and since it is your first, safe sounds good to me.

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Better overdressed than under. Go with HJ, the blue sounds nice.

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@Hawaii_Jake Nice choices. I’d like to wear that ball gown every day of my life. With a tiara, of course.

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It’s unfortunate that there are so few circumstances in which it’s acceptable to dress like a cupcake.

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