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One-Hit Wonder?

Asked by Wine3213 (1118points) June 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

Was there any music artist that you thought would be a one-hit wonder, but is still making music? Was there an artist that you thought would be around for a while, but isn’t?

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Yes. That Spears woman!! Who would’ve thought that power-pop with pedophilia undertones could transcend in to trailer-park trash and make a career of it…...

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Blind Melon – No Rain (though I also liked Change) but he died so we will never know if they were just a one hit wonder.

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@wildflower Good one! Who would’ve ever thought that you didn’t actually have to know how to sing to sell records?

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Well that part’s been proven before – probably best by these lads. Her most ground breaking accomplishment was the tackiness that’s since been trail-blazed by the likes of a certain Ms. Hilton…..

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Oh, I think there are plenty of people like Brittany Spears out there selling “music”. It’s the beauty of technology…anyone can make a record but only dummies actually buy ones that suck!

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@thebeadholder I despise when I know that an artist is using too much technology, and not owning up to it. I try not to use all that crap if at all possible.

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I won’t say I’m above buying music that’s less than a feat in musical engineering or talent (going back to the whole being a child of the 80’s – thank you Stock, Aitken and Waterman), but it’s gotta be at least catchy without the cringe!

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@wildflower Milli Vanilli were probably one of the worst things to ever happen to recorded music. Haha, “Blame it on the Rain”.

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I can’t figure out why Out Hud is no longer, when all they did was get better and better and !!! is still around, but now [more or less] suck. Same group of people for both bands.

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I have no problem with technology in music. I love beats and synthesizers and loops and reels and jigs….oh, never mind!

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@thebeadholder I don’t mean that technology. There’s a program you can use to kind of “autotune” your voice. Singers use it all the time, especially when they can’t hit the notes just right. Some artists rely on this more than actual talent. If it wasn’t for my drum machines and synthes I would be a very sad person. :(

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I thought Fall Out Boy would be a one hit wonder, but unfortunately too many people have bad taste in music.

@wine3213 I know what program you are talking about, and it is used way too often. You do have to be careful using it though. If you are too far off it will tune you to the wrong note. 90%of those pop groups use them or some sort of overdub cause its difficult dance and sing on key at the same time. Most of them have a hard time catching their breath after each song so you know some notes were off key.

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@thebeadholder agh dont call Blind Melon a one hit wonder. They have a greatest hits cd which is awesome. Also tones of home and galaxie both got pretty high on the charts when they were released. It is a shame about Shannons early death though. :(

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I’m embarrassed to admit this, but when I first heard Creep, by Radiohead, I thought they’d be relegated to one-hit wonder.

Obviously they evolved significantly after that, but that shows you what I knew.

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@Wine: I know, that is the technology I was referring to earlier in the thread. I was just being silly and as usual, it didn’t work :-( no lurve for me…
@ubber: you are right, my bad. I see they had a few albums and I did love them (besides for the stupid bee video). I forgot about Tones of Home. Loved that and Change. RIP Shannon Hoon

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I have a problem with the autotune technology. Sometimes it can be used as a filter to make the singer’s voice sound more techno. When that’s the desired effect, and it is used artistically, I have no problem with it.

When the singer is unable to sing in tune without it, I think it is a bad case of substituting technology for talent.

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