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How do you build an acting resume?

Asked by DiegotheGreat (5points) June 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m really big on acting and I want to go proffessional

How do you build a resume?
I feel stupid for not knowing..but thereya go

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Where are you based? Big city? Smaller city?

Getting acting jobs (around here in Hong Kong, anyway) seem to be about networking and doing shows where you will get noticed.
Getting into a good school – aside from building technique – helps networking.
And then just go for lots of auditions – good practice, and even if you aren’t right for the show, you get your name and resume floating around.
Sometimes people ask for tapes (are you doing theatre, film or both), so any recordings you have of yourself will be useful. Photos that show you dynamic and expression in plays are good. Depending on the circles you’re dipping in a professional headshot may help.
Consider also unpaid jobs that will raise your profile.

And yes, be professional when on the job; be an actor that people want to work with, not only because you have talent, but because you are great to be around (think George Clooney – he’s an actor/creator that really seems to have his act together)

Be meticulous on details (e.g., spelling “professional” right is a good start).

And the more you give, the more you’ll get back. Don’t split pennies, don’t be in a production just for your resume, but because you love the process…

(and most likely, in the beginning you’ll need some other source of income to support yourself)....

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List roles you have played by character; name of show; production company or organization; location of production; date.

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