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What does self acceptance mean?

Asked by Unbroken (10725points) October 8th, 2013

Literally, intrepretative, and personally. Where do you think you are and why? Is it something you think about or set goals for?

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I like myself, and I accept my faults, which I continue to work on.

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I used to hate myself, and hate my body. Now I don’t hate myself at all. I love myself, and my body (even though it’s not a thing of beauty, it’s all I’ve got). I am perfectly comfortable in my own skin.

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I will never think I’m good enough but I keep working on myself & nurturing my inner child.

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You accept and like yourself for who you are regardless of the opinions of others. I accept the good things I like in me. For myself, I try to make better the things the things I would like to be better, but I can’t ask that of anyone but myself. Self acceptance has to allow a people to accept their faults as well. Your own opinion may not be a valid one in someone else’s eyes. So be it.

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I like me. Yeah, I can do better and improve, but I’m a work in progress. I fuck up at times, but I try to make up for that. Cut me some slack, I’ll do the same for you.

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^^^ Yes. I like me too, warts and all. I could improve in certain areas, but all and all I’m certainly more than worthy of the oxygen I use. lol

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I know my faults, but I care for the few people in my life and try to make others happy.

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Self-acceptance boils down to not holding yourself to unreasonable standards. The fact is that we’re all messes in our own way. None of us, though, look quite as messy as we actually are, because we tend to conceal the untidy bits from public view. It’s easy to get the idea that most people have their act together better than you. You imagine some ideal self that you ought to be, and the way you really are looks pretty crappy by comparison. Because of this, you feel that the current version of you is unworthy of love. Only when the “real you” upgrades to meet the standard of the “ideal you” will you be worthy of love.

Self-acceptance starts with a more realistic understanding of what human beings are actually like behind their public personas. Then you can begin to see through the myth of your “ideal self”. That doesn’t preclude working on your habitual behaviors that make things harder on yourself and others, but it does help you see that you’re probably just as worthy of love as most folks, even without an upgrade.

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Thanks all for the answers. I found out the other day that I didn’t know the first thing about it never thought of it. Glad others have
clearer ideas.

And I got some good ideas here. But I think it wouldn’t hurt for me to do additional research.

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