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Do you have any favorite finds from around the internet?

Asked by Haleth (19504points) October 8th, 2013

Other than Fluther, which is obviously the best. ;)

My favorites:

Existential dilemma cat

Metal cover of Game of Thrones theme

Tree tunnel in Ukraine

My favorite indie band of all time

Have you found anything awesome lately?

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Alison Brie tries to be not sexy at all so as to cancel out all of her internet memes by acting out the most unsexy internet memes:

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CG talk… is quite cool, I love CG art.

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I like
There are some pretty funny stories on there.
And cracks me up.

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Henri et son cafard…one of my favorites for their cats and dogs in various poses and outfits.

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^^ Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

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My favorite find is “flutter”.

Espiritus_Corvus's avatar for sharing large files. You can upload a multi-gigabyte film into your account and send its address to someone else for download. And voila! They have the movie. Friends share hard-to-find noir classics with me in this way.

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This frequently makes me laugh out loud.

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wow, it is like watching grass grow.

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LOL Kittys!

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This (the product reviews) and this have been at the top of my list today.

My husband sent me this yesterday.

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2nd link was interesting @Cupcake!

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This product is a sugarless/sugarfree item with ingredients that can cause intestinal distress if eaten in excess!!!!!

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^^^ A five-lb bag of sugarless gummy bears is certainly at the top of my Christmas list. I wonder if I could use them to regrout my bathroom tiles?

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LOL @Cupcake It’s a good thing my chair had arms because I was in danger of falling off of it from laughing so hard. If anyone hasn’t read the reviews for the sugarless gummy bears, go back and read them! They’re hysterical!

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