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Where can I buy canning jars?

Asked by Marissa64 (19points) July 9th, 2007

Need many jars for gift ideas, but not sure where to buy them.

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Kerr jars work great! I know Cub Foods grocery store sells them. Otherwise if you don't mind shopping online, maybe try Amazon:

Good Luck!

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Menard's has them

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Any large quality hardware store will have them. They usually come in three sizes; papa, mama and baby and are in bulk - shrink-wrapped. 12 of the small ones (pint?), I know.

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The Village Kitchen has a variety of great canning jars, at pretty good prices:

Depending on what size and quantity you want, sometimes the hardware store is cheaper - but if you're buying a lot, Village Kitchen is often the best deal I've found...

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Smart & Final

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