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Gross question: could this lump be poop?

Asked by eferrara (145points) October 9th, 2013

I have this weird lump that popped up in my lower abdomen about 10 days ago. It’s quite large and feels kind of like it’s sausage-shaped. I had dental surgery recently and was taking codeine, so naturally I was constipated. However, I’ve been off the codeine for 5 days. Usually I poop multiple times a day, but for the past few days I’ve only gone twice. Both times it looked like rabbit stools (small, pebble like) and bloody, which is maybe because I’m straining? I’m not in any pain, but starting to get a little concerned. Could it be a large piece of poop that got stuck somewhere that I’m feeling? Sorry it’s kind of a gross topic.

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It sounds like a hernia. You need to contact your doctor.

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Get it checked to see if it’s a hernia. You shouldn’t have any problem unless you have pain with it, in which case, surgery may be necessary.

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My first thought was a hernia as well. Definitely have it checked out.

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No way to know without an exam. Probably not poop though.

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It sounds like a hernia, and yes, you can get one by straining at stool.

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sounds like a hernia to me but please have a dr look at it. Be sure to be safe. good luck.

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