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What does it mean if guy gave you heart-shape necklace?

Asked by fuwala (22points) October 11th, 2013

Last month,I got a parcel from my male friend.
We have been friends since 3 years because we met as a penpal.
But unfortunatly,We have NEVER met each other in person..
However,since last year,we started 2 things.
1.only sometimes,like 4–5times/a year, we talked something,Life topic or our own countries, usually over for 2 hours on Skype.
2.send some small presents each other,like “snacks with letter”.Total it was twice.It was really small things like above until this time.

This time,I got from him “Jewerly” and snacks with letter.
Because of the label of the parcel,It was saying $100..except snack.So I was pretty surprised because we both student.The jewerlies he gave me were “heart-shape necklace and bracelet”.
According to him, no need to worry about everything. Just he was happy because he had such a great friend. And while he went out to the city,he found the shape of those made of material of his country.So he wanted to give me that.
And in a few months,he is going to come to my country for holiday.So we are going to meet then.

Last,Because of the different culture I have,I am not sure what exactly does this mean..or what he is thinking in his mind..I like him and have an interest in him,by the way,but of course we┬┤ve never met,so honestly Im comfused abit.Now I have boyfriend,but not much good relationship,tho..

Anyway,give me your opinion.

Thank you.

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You mention a possible culture difference. Where is he from?

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It means he likes you. He considers you a good friend. No more, right now. Perhaps the opportunity for more when you know each other better.

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Sale at Wal-Mart on heart shaped necklaces.

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Yeah,because Im Asian.He is from Australia.

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and we both uni student in our own country.

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“No need to worry about everything.” You mean he told you that you have nothing to worry about ? Like a relationship? If so, don’t put much emotional involvement into him.

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He’s into organ donation.

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I’d say something fairly casual, especially since he doesn’t know you. If he’d sent you a DIAMOND necklace on the other had…..

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I believe he’s acknowledging that your head is connected to your shoulders via a neck that would look better with a decoration.

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