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I can't tell what this girl is trying to say?

Asked by highschoolfreshman1234 (8points) October 11th, 2013

Im 14 and bi female who goes to an all girl high school. Theres this girl who is really mean to me, the thing is recently she’s been nice. She held the door open for me even though it took me like 3 minutes to get to the door, and she volunteered to walk to the tech lab with me. I don’t even know if she’s “not straight”. I don’t know much about her accept her name. How can i tell if she has a crush on me? and what are the signs that another girl does like me?

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Please present how she was previously mean to you. You say she was previously mean, give no details, and then super specific evidence of her current polite behavior.

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Well, she was always giving me dirty looks and just generaly rude to me. One time we were both at vending machines, and i used all my money for a soda and when i turned to leave she went “Hey can i have a quarter?” I smiled and said sorry i’m broke and she looked at me like i was a liar, then scoffed, called me a bitch and walked away! im sooo confused because suddenly shes being nice to me

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Maybe she just feels bad for being a bitch before. Someone being kind to you doesn’t mean they have the hots for you. Unless she’s clearly flirting with you, there’s no reason to question her motives.

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Tell her that you are bi, and ask her what her sexual orientation is.

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First, welcome to Fluther.

It’s hard to guess for you… Unless you talk to her a bit as learn more about what makes her tick. It’s impossible for us, who have never met her, to guess from what you’ve so far shared. But I’d be cautious. It’s a bit of a concern when people run hot and cold on a whim. Of course, it’s possible she’s slightly bipolar and you just happen to be on the receiving end of the mood swings. If she suddenly turns hostile again, then there’s a decent chance that’s it. If so, you can understand that it’s not your fault, and maybe even feel a touch of sympathy for her.

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You’ll know. Trust me.

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If she really doesn’t like you, it could be that the polite and friendly behaviour is just an act; deliberate manipulation to get you to into a position where she can hurt you more. I’ve seen this a lot with teenage girls, pretending to be friendly to get you to lower your guard before hitting you with some serious humiliation. I would advise caution.

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When someone likes you, their behavior might change in all different kinds of ways, but here’s what I see a lot. They find excuses to be around you, even if it’s something little. They might act shy, goofy, or awkward when you’re around, or they might affectionately tease you. Then there’s this intangible thing, where they seem to have a little extra twinkle in their eye when the two of you are talking.

With this girl, there’s so little detail that it’s hard to say. Do you like her; is that why you’re asking? The only way to know for sure is to get to know her better. It sounds like you guys barely know each other right now. If she’s being friendly now, maybe you could have a few casual conversations.

Tread carefully, though. You don’t know her that well, and right now there’s no way to tell if she really is a nice person or a mean person. If you tell her that you like girls (or that you like her), the whole school could know tomorrow. Outing someone without their permission is a major breach of trust, and right now, she hasn’t given you any reason to trust her.

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