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How do I get rid of a computer virus?

Asked by boots74 (72points) June 24th, 2008

my computer has been acting crazy do I straighten it out?

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could be a virus or spyware. if you can, download an antivirus program like AVG and do a full system scan. you can also do an online virus scan here at trendmicro. If nothing turns up there, download the free version of ad-aware or spybot to remove spyware.

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Thanks, I will try these.

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NOD32 is good so is Trend-Micro if you don’t mind paying. For free its got to be Ad-aware or Spybot S&D as ccatron said. Don’t even try using Norton (Piece of S**t).
If you still can’t fix it re-install windows which will completely re-format your drive.

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I would only suggest Hijackthis if you know what you are doing…you might accidentally remove something that is necessary.

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yea, I have no idea what I am doing. I would hate to mess this up, right now I use my computer as my source of income,
so if I am without it, I am losing money.
Thanks everyone

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