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Do you believe Don Imus?

Asked by lefteh (9414points) June 24th, 2008

Do you believe that he was genuinely talking about unreasonable arrests of black people in his latest controversy?

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No. But he is so irrelevant at this point, who cares what he thinks and says. He should just retire.

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I do not believe him. I think he is racist and got caught again, kudos to whoever decided to spin it the way they did though. It is repulsive, but that was some pretty quick thinking!

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I don’t believe him, he’s a racist.

But so is everyone.

People are all racist in some way or another. A young child would rather be in a room full of people of their race, economic status, and background than people who are different.

Racism is such a hot button issue for no reason. It profits nothing to argue over it.

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That nutbag Howard Stern says and does worse and you don’t hear much about him.

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I agree, however Stern seems to be joking. Imus seems to be a real deal racist.

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If I had a question about whether ones hair was nappy, I’d trust Imus’s assesment.

I don’t see any reason to doubt him about his new issue either.

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