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I currently own two pugs that have been in our family for 3 years. We are also really big fans of English Bulldogs are are looking to add one to the mix. Do you think this is a good idea?

Asked by lbus1229 (338points) June 24th, 2008
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You can ask this question at this site also. Good luck! -Dr. Phil

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I don’t see any problem there if you introduce the dogs carefully. Are you getting an English bulldog puppy (much easier) or an adult dog? In any case, it should be fine. Make sure that you are the established pack leader.

Have you ever seen French bulldogs? they are one of my favorite breeds and more of a size with the pugs.

Good luck.

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f you get a bulldog (and I say this in COMPLETE seriousness), then you should put at least $3000—$5000 in savings to deal with related health issues, in addition to the cost of purchase.

Bulldogs have problems with stenotic nares, over developed soft palates (both of which contribute to breathing difficulties), bad knees, bad hips, bad elbows (which may require orthopedic repair), entropian (eyelids rolled in so that the hair rubs on the surface of the eye), dry eye, and bad skin and ears.

Because of their build and difficulties breathing, they are prone to heat stress – you must be extremely cautious with exercise. If you plan to breed, females (more often than not) require a cesarean section and males usually must be collected by hand since they cannot complete the act themselves.

In the veterinary field, the joke is that bulldogs are for the very rich or the very foolish. Yes, they are cute (especially as puppies) and usually very sweet. But please, please research carefully to find out what you’re getting yourself into. Yes, some people may own a bullie and never have an issue or a problem – but that is truly the exception.

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It will totally change your pack structure. Be prepared for some serious alpha behaviour if you do.

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Yah, what syz said. If you get a mixed breed you avoid a lot of those health problems. Maybe you can find a pug / english bulldog mix to add to the pack. Behavioral differences might not be as big a problem then either.

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