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What sound effect should I put at these parts in the scene?

Asked by xTheDreamer (894points) October 16th, 2013

For my sound class I need to take a part of a movie that I like and redo the sound. So I have to put some sound effects in there and a whole new background music.

The movie I chose was The Breakfast Club and the scene that I took was the ending. This part:

Right now I’m busy putting in some sound effects and I wanted to put a sound effect at 0:22 where Andrew and Allison kiss and at the end where Bender raises his fist.
What sound effect should I put here?

Also I’m searching for a song for the background music, any suggestions?

This is to change the whole feel of the scene.

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Wilhelm screams.

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What feeling are you trying to get across?

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@Seek_Kolinahr I’m trying to get like the same feeling as the original soundtrack but at Andrew and Allison’s kiss like a shocking feeling and where Bender raises his fist a “YES, feeling-awesome” kind of feel.

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Stick the mike into the hose of a vacuum cleaner and then turn it on.
“Indian Love Call” (or whatever it is) the Martian killing song in “Mars Attacks.” By Slim Whitman.

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