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What if you dont hear from someone you love in a long time?

Asked by skyhigh (23points) October 17th, 2013

Well I have been with a guy for almost four months now. He isn’t the most innocent person out there. He has had problems with crime and has disappeared on me before. It’s been three weeks now and this is the longest I have gone without one word from him. His kik is disconnected and he does not have a phone. With all this happening I have no other way to get in touch with him.I am very lost and i have no idea what to do now.

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If he’s into crime and disappears sometimes, it sounds like you need to find someone a little more responsible and stable. There’s lots of guys out there, why settle for someone who isn’t making you feel loved and appreciated? ugh, sounds like a bummer to me.

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If he disappears and then comes back then maybe he will come back again. Who knows he might be in the hospital or jail. You could report him as a missing person, and see what happens.

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He’s probably with some other girl or in jail.

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I’d lay a bet that he’s in jail, or in hiding to avoid jail.

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Do you know where he lives? Can you go see if he is around or if anyone knows of his whereabouts?

If you’ve been “with him” for four months, but don’t know where he lives, then you haven’t been with him, he’s just been hanging out with you when he is bored. Time for you to find someone new,

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I agree with @zenvelo. He disappears for 3 weeks, and can’t be bothered to get in touch with you? You are not “with him” in any sense. Sounds like you dodged a bullet there. Move on, and quickly.

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1. Imagine the worst and you won’t be disappointed.
2. There isn’t always something you can do.
3. As others have suggested, it may be a wake up call for you.
4. Take good care of yourself.
5. Welcome to Fluther!

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Why bother with this worthless punk? Forget about him.

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Have you tried going to his house? Asked his friends or family? If you’ve been together 4 months and have no knowledge of where he lives and haven’t been introduced to his friends or family yet…you have bigger problems than just not knowing his whereabouts.

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