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Do you have a life philosophy that you abide by?

Asked by zander101 (630points) October 18th, 2013

A quote, belief something that you live by, that equips you to handle life’s obstacles and struggles?

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These pretty much sum up how I live.

Treat others they way you would like to be treated.
Only a fool argues with a fool.
Be nice.
Accidents happen. Deal with them.
If someone intentionally screws you, feel free to strongly dissuade them from doing so again.
Be prepared.
Accept responsibility.
This is the only life you have. Make it count.
Don’t eat more than you can burn off in two days.
Don’t spend more than you can pay off.
You can’t beat the laws of physics.

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Do the right thing. When unsure about what the right thing is, do that which causes the least harm.

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Don’t count the seconds, make the seconds count.

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I have been strongly influenced by the existentialism of Sartre.

You cannot choose not to choose, What matters is not what we think or say but what we do. Beliefs are made manifest by our actions. We are in fact the sum total of the actions we have chosen. Be willing to own up to the choices that you have made,

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Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

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1, Either we’re all God’s children, or none of us are.


2. Be the best me I can be, don’t be the person someone else thinks you should be.

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Yep, it’s all a big cosmic joke and nothing is really all that “serious.” Look at the big picture,
A random planet floating in an infinite universe and us little life forms running around acting as if our lives are so significant. Do your best to be a decent human but remember, none of this really matters, not a whit. Dust in the wind.

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A line from a prog metal song comes to mind;

‘Aiming at the enemy, I only smashed the mirror.’

3, All That Remains, written by Joey Eppard

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“Just keep swimming.” Dory

“Judge not.” Mt7:1

The Golden Rule

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