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What qualities do you look for when purchasing fine silver sets?

Asked by KNOWITALL (18727points) October 18th, 2013

As asked, specifically antique utensil sets.

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Wm. Rogers and Co.

I was gifted with a coffee pot once, so now when I’m at the flea market I keep an eye out for that brand name. I like their scrolls and roses.

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Thanks! I saw a set today for $50 in the case but it was kind of heavy & ugly so I didn’t buy it.

Do you think $50 with the case is too much? I’ve really never bought anything for myself and don’t want to get ripped off, but I’m adding to the hope chest for my little niece.

Oh, that 3 flower pattern is pretty!

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The cases are big and clunky. I have two old Rogers cases, no silverware, that I’m converting into jewelry boxes. However, most of the time one wouldn’t keep it on display, is just a safe place to store the silver in between uses.

If you’re pleased with the pattern, and ask the pieces are there and in good shape, $50 sounds like a good deal to me. You could easily spend that at Sears for a set of boring, generic Stainless Steel silverware.

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