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Is this unprofessional enough for you to quit?

Asked by chelle21689 (6987points) October 21st, 2013 from iPhone

Some of you remember when I accepted my internship? Well I was supposed to start today at 9am and it’s now almost 9:10 and NO ONE is here and it’s still closed!! What kind of place is this? You think they would be professional enough to let me know if they weren’t coming to work! I’m really angry and feel like my time is wasted waiting here.

Some of you. Also know my interview was also rude. Another lady just talked in her phone while I was being interviewed. So disappointed.

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Don’t quit yet. this is your chance to show your professionalism.
Wait at least an hour. You’ve got your phone (and us) to keep you company.

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What kind of business is it?
It sounds like you went from one extreme (micro managing) to the other. Give it a chance here! Do you have the number of anyone you can call? Maybe someone was in an accident or something and they are all at the hospital. Let them explain.

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I’m so mad right now. She finally showed up at 9:20 and forgot that one lady is off and the guy I’m working with happened to be off today. Then she said she forgot her key to unlock the door and just sent me home and said to come back tomorrow…

Definitely not another good impression. I’m going back tomorrow but I’m really skeptical of how professional and organized this place is. I just wasted time and gas.

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I don’t understand why you took this job. You’ve been down on this company from the start and I think you’ve worked up so much negativity about it I don’t see how you’ll ever be happy working there.

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Things happen. And I certainly wouldn’t want someone working (even as an intern) for my company if they were so inflexible that they were unable to roll with something as simple as someone confusing the schedule or someone calling in sick.

@chelle21689: “Definitely not another good impression.”

I was always under the impression that interns are the ones that are there to learn and to make the impression.

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I wanted to give it a hands because it’s like my only hope for anything.

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Interns are supposed to make the good impression but I believe the company should be respectfully and professional.

I’ll give it another shot tomorrow.

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@chelle21689, I’ll be blunt – while I don’t know you, I have worked with people in the past that have held similar, sensitive attitudes about what is “professional”, etc. And those people have proven to be the cancer that destroys the morale and productivity of the group. I’m not saying that you are, but just be mindful that there are people who have a tendency to do this. Eventually, people catch on and try their hardest to rid the company of the cancer.

Edit: You are not a seasoned professional (in whatever field this is). If you’re incapable of being open here to learning and experiencing what it is really like, and feel that you are owed something, then you might find that you are in for some real pain later on.

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@chelle21689, the world—and especially the workplace—doesn’t always work the way we want. If you need the need to income, you need the company more than it needs you, so do give it a shot—a fair shot. May turn out better than you think. And if it doesn’t, move on. One thing’s sure… you’ll encounter all kinds of challenges as you build a career. Might as well start learning how to deal with them now, when the stakes aren’t as high as they will be when you have a car loan, mortgage payment and a family to feed. ;-)

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I said I was giving it another shot. I just needed to vent lol

Even though it is an unpaid internship

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yea, tom_g’s got some wise words.
Patience is a virtue. This could be the best company you ever work for regardless of first impressions.

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It is good that you stuck around. They know you showed up. That is important.

At the very least this episode shows they will be more understanding when your car dies on the way to work, or the garage door doesn’t open and you need to call a repair person to get out, or your sister is stuck at a train station and needs help, or your mother is locked out, or…

Give it a shot. And remember to smile.

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One bad experience does not make an unprofessional company (or 2 including the interview). I would make sure that however long you are there, you make the professional impression. If after a couple months things you receive a performance review that isn’t satisfactory, I would ask if the past few months is the norm at the company. If it is, you need to decide what you want to do—work for a company that is unprofessional and choatic or work somewhere else. Your call. good luck and keep your head up.

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What are your goals for the position? Normally you have two goals at an internship

1) Learn the skills for the field
2) Get a recommendation for your next position, and ideally a lead on it from these folks directly.

They’re going to ask you to do something less appealing than sitting in the parking lot at some point, decide what’s important now and you can handle the next surprise with a smile.

I’ve always kept some sort of photo of people who actually work hard at my desk, I change it when I find a new one. It just reminds me that no matter what office politics or slight I’m upset about right now, there’s some guy just like me trying to get a roof done before it reaches 100 degrees outside, or up to his elbows cleaning out a pipe clogged with something unimaginable, or hoping the ditch he’s digging doesn’t collapse in on him, they would change spots with me in a second.

For me it makes the air conditioned office, with cushy chair, sunlight, and running toilets appreciated again, even if it’s not perfect.

Would something similar help you maybe?

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Thanks, everyone!

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I think you got suckered into kramerica industries

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So far so good here

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Just an update for anyone who reads this. Although it’s only been my first day I’m having a good feeling about this from what I’ve seen and learned today. I think it really helps a lot that the person I’m working with knows my brother, cousin, and boyfriend, is the same culture, and similar age to me so we can relate to each other. Also, he interned there for HR and has been working there for a year.

It seems laid-back there, you get paid time off on holidays if you’re part or full time, you get benefits, etc.

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aw I’m sad now because he just let me knew he was leaving. He was a good mentor too…but good news is he vouched for me to the owners/managers he thinks I can do the job because I’m a fast learner so he’s bombarding me with information within the next few days before he’s Well, I’ve learned a lot just in one day…I’m happy that I have a chance to prove myself but also scared I’ll be alone with no mentor (only to maybe call the owner and ask for questions) and be all alone in the room with no one to talk to.

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sounds great-good luck and keep us posted.

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yeah. Right now I’m hoping that they’ll consider me in assisting with HR (onboarding, termination, I-9 files, filing, etc.) since he trained me what he does.

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Hm one week you considering leaving and now you’re seeking a promotion. Things change pretty fast, stay flexible.

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A really valuable lesson here…

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