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New old spice commercial...

Asked by stuff12 (245points) June 24th, 2008 from iPhone

where can I watch that new old spice commercial where that half man half horse guy is showering and then he gets out so the camera may get a better shot of his body?

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why would you want to?

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cause the guy in it is mad hot

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Umm.. here you go.
richardhenry, you beat me to it.

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@Allie: I actually found the YouTube video on the same blog. :)

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it’s 2 things in one, lame and bad…are all american commercials like this ?

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Yes. How is lame different than bad?

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i couldn’t think of an extra word yet wanted to use the same “pun” as the commercial…i’m sorry

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No problem. Mercifully I have not seen the commercial so have no idea what pun you are talking about. Is the centaur (or is it satyr?) lame?

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Iwamoto: Not all of them are this ridiculous. Some of the Super Bowl commercials are pretty good. And I like some of the Geico caveman commercials too – especially this one.

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@gail- its a centaur. A satyr is a small half man/half goat creature. I’m such a dork.

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Babo not seen that!

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just watch more tv Babo!

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