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How can I grab files off a Mac formatted 3.5" floppy (circa 1994) using a Windows '98 machine with a 3.5" drive, a Vista machine with no floppy drive and a MacBook with no floppy drive?

Asked by kevbo (25672points) June 24th, 2008

I’m trying to get my old college papers off a floppy disk and onto my MacBook without breaking down and buying a USB floppy drive. The Windows ‘98 machine doesn’t recognize the disk as formatted, of course, so it only asks me if I want to format the disk. Is there a free utility out there that can help?

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Sell one of those ridiculous computers and buy a USB floppy drive.

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You’re going to need a Timex-Sinclair and TRS-80 in order to do that. And a Commodore 64 couldn’t hurt, either.
sorry, kevbo.

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This might be able to help. I haven’t personally used it but you could give it a try.

The link to the actual download is kinda hard to find. Here it is.

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Image the floppy on the PC as the worlds smallest ISO. Then move over net to MacBook and mount. 3. Profit!

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@jp, it was messy, but it worked. Thanks.

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Good to hear..

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Who said fluther is only full of side conversations and sarcastic comments?

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That was probably me.

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I bought a Maddog USB 3.5 floppy drive for around $50.

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