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I'm picking a logo. Which one of these do you like best?

Asked by Esedess (3298points) October 22nd, 2013

There are 15 logos.

Thank you! It’s very much appreciated!

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Bottom left corner.(5)

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I’d swap the film teeth to match the darker text and bump the type down a bit

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I like number 14.

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#6 is clearly the best choice.

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I think #1 is the best. I like the red… but I don’t like having the red repeat in the title, it takes away from the contrast and makes it less effective. The stylized S seems a bit cheesy to me, and I prefer the rougher version of the two circles.

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I like 4 for its design, and I think it’ll read better in black and white than the others, an important consideration.

Be prepared for a variety of opinions, because I can say from long experience that when you ask a large group to vote on anything, you’re going to get almost as many opinions as people. Go with your gut.

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I like 8. Red catches the attention quicker.

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(the aperture ones might get you into legal trouble with Valve)

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I think you’re trying to cram in too many disparate things. What about combining them?

Maybe just STUCCO in a bold block font that incorporates the film teeth?

Or a stucco-texturizing cube with three sides showing a letter (S)tucco (F)ilm©ompany on each side?

I don’t know. I’m just brainstorming here…

But if I have to pick, I’d go with funk_g/tomdaddy. Number 6, darken the film grain, lower the text.

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I like 7. The right balance of red and black.

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One of the earlier logo versions we looked at was something like what you’re talking about.

I’m not entirely off that concept, but there are A LOT of cube logos out there already.

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12 and 13

I can’t decide between the S and the aperture but I like the tone of 12 and 13.

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8. The design and color really pop.

It’s interesting how our responses are all over the place. There’s no agreement. Our reactions are so inconclusive and inconsistent, you might want to consider another trip to the drawing board.

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6. It’s clean, simple, and makes the connection with the name more immediately.

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I’d choose #8. The figure is most insistently focused. And, stucco not being the most interesting of substances, I’d down play it as is done in #8.

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@Esedess – For what it’s worth, I like the second concept you’ve posted better than anything from the first set.

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I like 4 and 5.

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5 then 15

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2 and 7.

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@Esedess Silly me, totally should have asked this first…but what kind of film do you guys do? Who is your target audience? And what is the significance of the name Stucco?

What about rotating the cube in the second example slightly to the right. Change the four-prong plus/target thingy into a three-prong (so that it lines up with the edges of the cube). That can be the T in Stucco. Extend the T to connect with the S and U on either side. Film underneath?

Or what about two rolls of film unravelling in two directions as a stylized S?

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I like number 12.

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Okay, scratch the S in a font with film teeth. Looks like it’s already been done. Not to mention that it’s kind of a yawn idea.

There’s nothing wrong with making yet another cube logo. You just have to do it better than everyone else. Only problem is that there doesn’t seen to be any intrinsic relationship between your product/company and that shape. (vs Nintendo Gamecube)

What about playing off of the similarity of the camera body in this logo to the top view of a stucco trowel? Just throwing out ideas here. Though I think I’m actually starting to like this one.

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I think #8 is good.

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#2 is better than #1
#6 is not interesting enough
All of the others are about the same.

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These answers don’t help at all I am guessing. We are all over the map. LOL.

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@PhiNotPi: ”#6 is not interesting enough”

wrong. This is the only legitimate one.

@Esedess, have you considered this?

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@tom_g While I agree with you about #6 being the best choice of the bunch, it is pretty darn boring. It’s just the lesser of evils because I’m not a fan of the aperture thing and the stylized S.

@funkdaddy Good find. Lots of helpful info.

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I like second row middle or third row middle. The ones with the smudgy background hurts my eyes.

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Hey guys,

This is all very helpful, thank you! I think if there’s anything to take away from this, it’s that there is no winner… or at least not a clear one, or one that anyone just really likes. I agree that these are pretty boring logos. Obviously, I wouldn’t be here asking for input if I was completely satisfied… Oh well. Back to the drawing board… Eventually…
You can be sure I’ll be back on here with another set, sometime in the future. This logo was pretty rushed, for good reason; so when we actually get a minute to sit down and think a little harder about all this, hopefully something better will come of it.

@funkdaddy nice job finding the logotournament contest! haha~ I was curious if anyone would dig that up.

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I like 14 most .I think you go for it.

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