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How could I combine my technical/scientific and "creative" interests?

Asked by marabu (30points) July 9th, 2007

Ok, longest details coming:

I went to a technical highschool specialising in computers/networks/programming etc., and after that I took a semester of physics in uni which I didn't like. I know study econologic engineering which I find very interesting.

The only problem is: Speaking from now work experience I know that I don't want to work as an engineer.

I have the lingering feeling that in a situation where I could choose between a creative education and a technical one I chose (I guess also against my gut) the technical one because I'm from a family where everyone has a scientific/technical background, and so my mind says that anything Arts/Humanities-related won't get me a job and is therefore relatively useless.

But as I'm working in the field for the summer I realise that I can't do that for my whole life, or.. a year.. and I wan't to persuade a more creative field.. (after finishing my current studies of course. no rush decisions for me..)
I'm kinda worried that my CV looks like that of someone who can't decide what to do with her life (which, of course, wouldn't be thaaat wrong..)

So, for all of you who are still reading ;): Is there someone who expirienced that, or has a idea how to combine those educations (also of course.. interests)?

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marabu: I'm a big advocate for doing (or trying to do) both. I got my undergrad degree in CS, but realized after I interned at Microsoft that I needed to pursue something more creative. So, I got my MFA in Acting, moved to LA, and have been acting on TV -- as well as co-founding this site.

There are areas where you can combine technical and creative (new-media art, for example), or try and get a job that combines both (I had a great job during grad school working for Laszlo Systems, where the job description included "left and right-brain ambidextrous".)

That said, it sounds like you may have already made up your mind... IMHO it's always better to do things that you're passionate about -- not only do you feel more fulfilled, but I believe that success and passion go hand in hand.

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I have to agree with the above, there are plenty of jobs where you can do both. For example a web designer/developer, which is a combination of creative graphic design and technical programming. Or architecture combines the two, this could be particularly relevant if you have an engineering interest. Also as above, i'd firstly pick something that you really love because creative or not you've going to spend a lot of time doing it!

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I agree with everything said above but wanted just to throw out the idea of technical theater. When you get right down to the light design and working with the boards it becomes quite technical - and can be creative if you stay involved with the theatrical aspect of it.

You might also find special effects to be of tremendous interest. There is alot of technical skills invovled and many different aspects of it as well.

Finally if you would like to further your education beyond a bachelors degree, you mihgt explore attending the Entertainment Technology Center for a masters equivalent degree in Entertainment Technology. This worldwide institution is based out of Pittsburgh and is associated (loosely) with Carnegie Mellon. The website is

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I have a BA in film and a MA in psychology. I have a small production company that produces short films, music and eclectic events based on cultural and gender awareness. There are a lot of things you could do. perhaps write a script about your experience.

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