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What is true love?

Asked by antimatter (4392points) October 23rd, 2013

What can be said about true love?
We read books about it and watch movies about it so what do you think is true love?

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True love is a desire for the intended to have a happy and safe and healthy life, without regard for one’s own welfare.

That love is true if it is for lovers or for kids.

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I’ve always said that if the worst happened and you had to change diapers, true love is being willing to stick around for that.

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Many things including a lifetime love for and by someone you don’t live with.

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Love is Attachment..
So you associate yourself with the things/ones you love.
You walk in their shoes and you associate so that you and that one/thing can maintain a certain status quo. This method usually comes with limitations, which present itself as a loss of freedom to both parties.

True Love is attachment by dis-association.
You are able to dis-associate because of your peace concerning that one/thing.
You have peace because you know that that one/thing is at it’s most ideal state of being.
Your dis-association allows absolute freedom for that thing/one, which is also reciprocated in you.

So Love (in the truest form of the idea) is Attachment, by dis-association.

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Love is caring so much for the other person that you want their happiness and well-being above your own.

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Love is not an emotion. Love is not a feeling. Love is an agreement based both in what is expected, and what is promised.

There is no blind acceptance in love. There are always strings attached.

Many marriage vows reflect that a commitment between two individuals will include both desirable and undesirable elements.

An old dear friend once told me, “I didn’t know what love was ‘til I married, but, then it was too late.”

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When your significant other sneezes in your face and you think it is cute.

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I don’t know what love is.

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Love manifests itself in the expenditure of time and energy in knowing and bonding with another. We only have finite quantities of time and energy. We cannot love all things and people equally. By loving some we must of necessity refrain from loving others. The common phrase, “I have given you the best years of my life,” is right on the mark.

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I could tell you all about what I think true love is, but then again I also have an affliction in my heart for this ugly sweater that I just can’t give up and it doesn’t even keep me warm anymore. But I love it I truly do.

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“True Love” means different things to different people. Love is quite subjective.

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It’s not that black and white. It changes, based on your personal experience.
Love for me, I would say, is a traffic cone. Dancing to Electric Avenue. A silly story. Physical Science, and Go Radio. An 80’s band… The Drop Off. Vagabond Blues.
Love is my memories, and the fact that I can’t always put them into words. Love is a lot of things.
I think “true love” is a redundant term. If it isn’t true, it isn’t love.

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My all-time favorite poem is A Noiseless Patient Spider by Walt Whitman. It’s a short, evocative poem about the soul and its search for meaning. Whitman never says what you are looking for; he just describes the search.

The last lines are hopeful: “Til the bridge you will need be formed, til the ductile anchor hold, til the gossamer thread you fling catch somewhere, O my soul.” Love would be when there is a person at the other end of the bridge, and they have been searching for you, too.

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I want to know what love issssssss…. I want you to show me…...

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Thanks @Haleth, a little Whitman to think while i head to slumber.

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True love mostly involves children and animals.
It is rare for adult humans to love unconditionally IMO.
We’re a very self centered species.

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True love is the best gift in the world. When we love someone truly, his happiness becomes our first priority. We try to do everything just to make him happy. We care about them more than ourselves and willing to give up anything just for him. That is my definition of true love.

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True love is a best thing in world. It is a feeling and emotions of heart that you can feel about other person that is your someone special. You care. love and feel for that person more instead of otherone.

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@kavita000 Actually that is a definition of codependency. lol

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@Coloma somehow I tend to agree with you, as for me I got a lot of love to give out but I can’t find the right person to share it with, that if they can look past my obsessive compulsive disorder.
@kavita000 yes you are right but how do you know when you have found true love?

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@antimatter I hear ya, I’m in the over 50 crowd, divorced forever, almost 11 years and finding a decent guy in my age bracket carries about the same odds of finding a 20 lb. gold nugget lying on the side of the road. lol

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@Coloma My father found somebody at the age of 60, don’t give up hope yet. I am not sure if you have the same problem as me, but I have a lot of trust issues. It’s safe to say that I have at lot of distrust issues with every body who I dated the past few months. So my situation is something like a very bad problem, my obsessive compulsive disorder mixed with a small dose of paranoia.

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@antimatter Not trust issues, I am just very picky and very content by myself. Sorta a “been there, done that” deal. I’m open but not seeking. :-)

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True love is when you love someone more than you love yourself. You put their needs above your own.

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@Coloma I suppose you got it right lady we can’t afford wrong choices any more!

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@Coloma: There is no particular method of finding out your true soul mate. When that right person walks into your life, your heart just know.

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@kavita000 That is such a cliche thing to say. It’s not even true. Life is not a Hallmark movie with a happy ending.

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@kavita000 Copy @chyna
There is no such thing as a “soul mate” we CREATE our relationships and they are not heaven sent. They are usually based on subliminal psychological “attractions”, meaning, we tend to attract those that are similar to our own psychological development to date.
There is no magic, only two people projecting their own needs and desires onto another 99% of the time.

Like attracts like is a very true statement.
There are MANY, potentially “right” people, not just one and the notion of a soul mate along with the fantasy notion of “forever” is a fictitious set up straight out of Hollywood and romance novels.

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True Love is when you can be yourself and your s/o still loves you.

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