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Why can a deceased candidate for Congress win?

Asked by Quinnk123 (201points) October 23rd, 2013

Also, why do people vote for a deceased man?

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1) they don’t know and

2) they don’t want the other person to win.

Seriously, what if a candidate dies, and the opponent was Orly Taitz, the crazy birther. You would’t want her to default into winning.

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Hey, dead people have been voting in elections by the thousands for years. Besides, electing a dead person will probably result in less harm than…...well… know….

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Because Americans are a stupid people?

Why not a dead candidate? See what we have now!

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Why should a dead candidate be able to run? If we outlawed it, how would we arrest those who do it anyway?

Why should they win? Given what Congress has managed to get done with Roadblock Republicans always able to filibuster in the Senate and the Tea Party making John Boehner Puppet of the House, I should think a dead legislator could be every bit as effective as a living one.

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Often, I wish I could vote for “Neither”. Voting for the dead guy is like saying “no” to your choices.

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Who knows, if they got elected, it might be an improvement.

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If we had instant run-off voting, then including a corpse or a pile of garbage on the ballot might be a good idea, since that superior voting system would then show us how much the voters actually approved of the candidates, instead of allowing the least terrible option presented by the established political cliques to get into office.

It could be nice to have a system that helped require candidates to be better than a dead body.

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