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Prius and Hyper-Miling?

Asked by dvchuck (230points) June 24th, 2008

On CBS Morning Show they had a guy that drove a Prius from Chicago to New York on one tank of gas. He was getting over 70 mpg! Does anyone know the techniques he used to get that type of mileage?

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There are a couple things you can do to get better gas mileage.
1) Use cruse control ( I started doing this and got 15% better mileage)
2) Slow down – air resistance goes up with the square to velocity.
3) Remove all extra weight from the car
4) Cover the wheel wells to make the car more aerodynamic.
5) I have even seen some people add tails to the cars to make the car more aerodynamic

There is is also drifting, which I do not recommend! That is where you get very close to a big rig and ride in the wake. Very dangerous.

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@mygolden – Do you mean drafting? Yes, drafting is dangerous (although it works).

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@brownlemur yes. It is late. Sorry about that.

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My roomate’s dad has a prius. My roomate drove his mother from North-Central Arkansas to Kansas city, Kansas, drove around the city for a couple of days, then drove back to Arkansas on a tank and a half. Ugly ass car though.

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I don’t think the Prius is ugly.

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Hmmmm, different strokes for different folks, I guess.

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I can’t remember if it was good or bad, but like if you punch the throttle and then let off and drift down the highways a while before repeating the process. Can anyone tell me if it is good or bad for the engine?

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Yes. It is good or bad for the engine.

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Haha sorry, I’m really tired. Can anyone tell me whether or not it is good for the engine or if it bad for the engine.

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It sounds like it would be bad. Really high rpms are damageing over a short time. Punching the throttle opens the ports up and the injectors spray more fuel into the motor to make it run faster. I would think it would be harmful. The cruise control is probably one of the greatest inventions because it will keep your rpms and fuel intake, steady.

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If you live in a city and own just a gas-powered car, just turn the engine off at stoplights.

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You can do things to a Prius to get that kind of mileage. There are aftermarket battery kits that give you plug-in capability, for instance, but they’re expensive, and the auxiliary battery can’t be recharged from the primary system.

As to “hypermiling,” all of the following apply:

- If you drive 35 MPH on the Interstate, you’re an asshole, and you’re probably breaking the law.
– Trucksucking is stupid and dangerous.
– Overinflating your tires is stupid and dangerous.


- Shutting the engine off when you have to sit for a couple of minutes is a good idea
– Shift into neutral or park at stoplights. Better yet, ditch your automatic transmission and drive a stick. Automatics are the biggest gas-wasters ever invented, not to mention that they sap power.
– Keep your tires properly inflated.
– Get rid of that junk in your trunk
– Don’t use premium gas in an engine that doesn’t require it. Like burning money.

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