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Anybody here ever use the site Askville?

Asked by flip86 (6208points) October 25th, 2013

Amazon closed down Askville today. It pissed off a lot of people because they shut it down abruptly, with only a few hours notice.

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I was there for one month before coming here nearly five years ago. It was in pretty bad shape then, messy and angry and polarized. I know it had some loyal followers, though, and quite a few of them stayed on even after migrating here.

Google shut down Google Answers abruptly, too, in 2006. That community was thriving, to all appearances, and wasn’t plagued by trolls or internal warfare. It was just a matter of Google’s deciding to end some experiments and support others, as I understood it, and that must have been a less profitable one.

I can’t believe Amazon ever needed Askville very much.

ETA: Welcome, Askville refugees. I’m sorry you’ve lost your community. There’s lots of information around here to help you get oriented and settle in. Nest wishyes.

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I can’t believe they only gave us a few hours notice. We basically had no time to say goodbye to everyone and prepare ourselves. I was so upset.

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I was able to read the posts from a few of the users about half an hour ago. They all were quite upset about it. Maybe a few of them will decide to come here to fluther, although I know some of them don’t like this site.

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…not any more !


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Oh em gee. Is Fluther about to experience a tidal wave of new accounts?

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Yikes, awkward typo! Window closed before I was done. That was supposed to say “Best wishes.”

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I hope they do come here. Newbies are always welcome.

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I was for a number of years. Left a year ago.

TO be charitable…. Askville can be compared to a Yugo. Fluther, on that scale, is a BMW.

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Welcome wagon started in general.

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I feel like I should be packing sandbags or handing out life preservers or something!

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I was part of the original Askville and witnessed its sad, sickening demise. Came here with the first wave of refugees and stayed both places. Askville went to hell in a handbasket so I left. They tried a reincarnation about 6 or 8 months ago but shut that down today. I made great friends there and am grateful for that. But the way that amazon let that site fall apart was shameful.

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@flip86 A few have already come here. I think eventually most of them will too, I hope.

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@Hawaii_Jake Thank you for the welcome! :)

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Yepper, was there for over two years. When they went to the new Askville, I could never get on or I could get on but not do anything. RIP

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Hi Flip86,just got home and found askville gone,and yeah it kinda choked me to,if I stay on fluther I will put up my sunset avatar for now ,it will be our cat Charlee.

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@SQUEEKY2 Nice to see you here. A few others have shown up here as well. I wonder if TLW and OLDHIPPIE will join up.

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I haven’t been extremely active in Askville for awhile. Went to Yahoo Answers, but they changed that, too. I do Twitter and talk to family and friends on Facebook. Will give this a try, too.

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@SQUEEKY2 I felt like crying. It was so out of the blue. The moderator told us only a couple of hours before they closed it down. Seriously unbelievable.

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The mod was pretty cold hearted about it too. It was like a slap in the face.

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Wasn’t that the town next to Coolsville in Scooby Doo?

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Not me.

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The team running Askville had horrendous people skills, and mediocre development skills. I was there from the beginning (Oct 2006) but left about a month ago, after hanging on by my fingernails after the latest revamp – which we all suspected was a total dismal failure, and that has now been confirmed. RIP Askville.

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At least Askville didn’t disappoint me. The shutdown was EXACTLY what I predicted from the beginning of the last downgrade.

I feel so sorry for the people that only stopped in once in a while, like monkeymoo. Rio was VERY sadly absent from the final episode. The least they could have done was send out an email at the time the blog was posted. It wouldn’t have caught everyone before hand, but it would have given the appearance that the Askville staff TRIED.

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I learned about it here, on Fluther.

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Welcome, Askvillers! I’m so sorry your site shut down on you with so little notice. That’s terribly unfair. I’m the community manager here, so feel free to hit me up if you need help with anything!

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Thanks, much @augustlan. You should have visited Askville before it’s demise to see the activity of the ‘moderators’ there. We’ve now heard more from you than from the Askville moderators the past 2–3 weeks.

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All the mods here are regular users and volunteers. Auggie is the only paid employee (and that’s… generous. She is practically a volunteer too)

No big men in the sky around these parts.

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@ibstubro Our mod team is very active. I hope you won’t find it too annoying. ;)

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^^ Very active, very vigilant, very scrupulous, and very fair-minded. Everybody gets modded now and then, even the most venerable of old-timers—including the founders.

That’s one of the main reasons that this site keeps its quality and doesn’t degenerate into partisan brawls and spam fests.

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@augustlan I was active here once before, then dropped all my social sites. When I got back to it, Askville was just easier and I stayed on there. I’ve run up against the Fluther nit pickers a time or two in the past.


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Hi everyone! It is nice to see so many AVs here.

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