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Do I have a chance at this position? (Update!)

Asked by chelle21689 (6866points) October 25th, 2013 from iPhone

Some of you know I’ve been interning at a small company now for less than a week. It turned out I like it a lot better than Safelite.

I am technically a recruiter but placed under the training of an HR coordinator. Management understands my goal is to be in HR.

Me and my trainer got along great. Not only is he a good teacher but we clicked very well. Comforting to know he knows my boyfriend, friends, our parents knew each other, etc. in asian community. He told me he interned for three months before he got the job here.

Anyways, I was learning recruiting for a day until the next day my trainer dropped a big one on me informing he was moving to fl accepting a new position to be with his girlfriend…and that he had to move ASAP this Sunday to prepare.

He also told me he tried to let management know I would be a good fit to take his role. I learned so much in 4 days and I’m confident I’ll know it, just a matter of practice. I mean, they will need to train a new hire anyways….the position only requires 1 year exp.

I saw his old job post up online today. I was hoping I could convince the manager to let me assist or intern for HR because he taught me everything he did and I wrote very thorough notes.

I’d be sad if I didn’t get it.

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Hope, but don’t be crushed if you don’t get it. I hope you do get it.

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Best scenerio, you get it. Worst scenerio, they use you for a few weeks doing all the work and they still bring in someone else. If you wind up doing work on your own like an employee and not an intern consider asking to get paid.

No way to know which will happen.

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The worse that can happen is they say no and pick someone else. Make sure you have your ducks in a row when you speak to them, so they know what you are capable of. Sell yourself. Also mention to them that training would be minimum for you and you will continue to learn what you don’t know. good luck!

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Oh, and be sure to give us as a reference! We’ll vouch for you!

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Well @chelle21689? Any updates?

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