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The inventor of the Döner Kebab is dead. Will you join us in a moment of silent mourning?

Asked by ragingloli (52058points) October 26th, 2013

Kadir Nurman, the man that invented the Döner Kebab in Germany in 1972, died on the 24th at the ripe age of 80.
Let us honour this culinary giant.

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Yes. That’s one of the most popular carnival foods around.

Hey @ucme. If your kebab is greasy, you’re using your spit the wrong way. Like many things it needs to be vertical to do it right. ;-)

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They are carnival food here. It’s always a bit of a show. The meat turns on the spit while the preparer uses razor sharp blades to shear it off. When you finally get up to the counter to order, you’re warmed by the rays from the infrared heater. It feels so good on a cold, sub-freezing fall day.
You can also pretend you’re getting a balanced meal since it contains veggies, meat, bread. And, when eaten correctly by peeling back the waxed paper as you go, you end up relatively clean .
It sure beats deep fried Snicker bars or fried dough – also popular treats. Gag me!

Drunks are not usually at the local festivals so I can’t speak to that. These tend to be mostly family affairs and afternoon outings. Everyone knows everyone.

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I never had a real one, all I had was convenience store microwaved premade crap. I like my cheese melted. I could try one when I visit Something Else restaurant in Jasper.

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I freaking love shawarma, gyros, kebab… whatever you want to call them. Big Greek presence in my area, so it’s mostly gyro here.

Who the fuck is putting cheese on it? I’ll take mine with extra tzatziki, no onions.

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I love my Döner with Feta Cheese. Especially combined with chicken meat instead of the regular veal. Delicious.

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It wasn’t invented by Mahmut Aygun?
I guess that while this is in dispute, I will just continue to praise my George Foreman Grill.

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Well, feta is acceptable. I was thinking American ‘cheese’.

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Well, I did not think about that, because american cheese is not cheese.

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I did not know this was a German invention! Doners are delicious.

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He was a Turkish immigrant, but still…

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I want to know what they will be doing with his body. Will they put it on a spit and slowly cremate it?

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Gyros are a big deal here in Chicago (and they pre-date Mr. Nurman’s work in Germany).

I haven’t had one in years, but will do so in his honor next time I get the chance,

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At the risk of sounding like a total dumbass, what is a Doner Kenab?

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Most Kebabs are purchased. But philanthropists give Donor Kebabs.

Seriously, Doner generically refers to the heavy spicing and the way it is cooked – vertically on a spit. Doner Kebab is essentially the same is Shwarma (Israel) and Gyro (Greece) but with different spices.

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@Katniss You may have seen it under other names (gyros or shawarma). It looks like this

Also, see Wikipedia

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@jaytkay Thank you! I know what it is now. lol

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Yeah, it’s gyro in my neck of the woods. Extra tzatziki for me too.

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I’ve never eaten Donor Kebab, I’m not even entirely sure what it is, so count me out of the two-minute silence, thank you for asking anyway.

@jaytkay I find that photograph utterly nauseating, if that is Donor Kebab then count me out all over again.

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Never had one of those but I have to say, they look mighty fine. I’ll join a moment of silence for a man who created something which I’m pretty sure is some good eatin’.

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I read about this in the newspaper. Great fella! This guy changed Germany, Turkey and even Greece, because they copied his idea with Gyros in pita bread.

I remember my first Döner in my life. It was in 1986 in Berlin Spandau. Wow, that tasted great. And it cost like 2 marks or so.

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