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What happens when you hover over the envelope under a blog/article?

Asked by flo (10580points) October 26th, 2013

Whatever browser you are using, what happens? I know when using IE8 for example it gives you the email address, not with IE9. Even when you click on it nothing happens.

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It probably depends on the site. Sometimes it could be to email the author or the web admin, other times it could be to send the article to someone via email. It’s anybody’s guess.

I suspect your IE 9 has some security settings set that prevents it from doing anything on a mailto tag.

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Thanks @mrentropy Problem gone. I just discovered it must have been a temporary glitch or something.

Don’t web admins just take care of the web design/IT related comments only?

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@flo Yep, for the most part that’s what web admins do. Sometimes, though, the web admin is also the person who is writing the content, such as for personal blogs and what not.

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Okay yeah I wasn’t thinking of the one person operation there.
The “Share” icon is what you were referring to “other times it could be to send the article to someone via email.”?

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It’s usually a ‘share’ button now. There aren’t any real standards for web design, just whatever is popular or seems to make sense. It’s nice when a hover says something meaningful about what a click will do, though.

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@mrentropy I agree plus.

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