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How do you store your usernames and passwords?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) June 24th, 2008

Do you keep them in your head? On a secret list somewhere?
Don’t worry, I’m not coming after you, and I don’t know where you live.

If you don’t feel comfortable answering, I understand.

But it’d be useful to me and others, I’m sure, to get some new ideas on this one.

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I use 1password. It works pretty freakin’ good. Even on iPhone. I think its for macs only.

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I have basically 4 usernames i use and 3 passwords. I remember them all. But i DO have a word document to remember passwords that certain sites allot you and can’t be changed. I change my passwords once/year, so then I have to remember a new list, but it’s not exactly rocket science or taxing to the brain :)

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I have a big brain with many file cabinets within.
Unfortunately, I still have to put them in some assemblance of order.

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Carefully, in heavily ritualistic fashion—there are live chickens involved. When that doesn’t work, I store them in a password protected file, the password for which changes weekly—if I ever forget that though, I’m hosed.

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Wow. How do you keep your chickens from dying. If I had a dollar for every chicken I’ve lost…

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I give them a feed of 15% protein, then I place them in a protective circle and dance around them, nude, while chanting my usernames and passwords in Pig Latin. Isn’t that how everyone else does it?

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Seems to work well for me, and it’s cross-platform and gnu (free)!

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I don’t use this, but you could always try Passpack.

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Oh, nude. I’ve been keeping my socks on.

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It’s bad, but I use one password. It is not really a guessable password, and since I am unlikely to be the victim of someone using a sophisticated program to break my security, I think I am OK.

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Is the password PORNSTAR?

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The devil’s in the details, AstroChuck.

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I use EXCEL and put all of my sign ups, registrations, and passwords in a spreadsheet religiously.

I also password protect that document. Nothing is ever 100% secure but I find this is pretty easily accessible when I need it most. I can also add other important information such as date I registered, e-mail address used, accoun numbers, etc.

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No, the password is chickenlover, and no reference to porn is intended in that selection.

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I just thought, because of an answer on another thread this evening.

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Well, I guess nobody can be right all of the time. Even brains as powerful as ours must occasionally be incorrect in their random hypothisizing (and also, sadly, in their ability to spell words like hypothasizing)

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I use an application (Mac) called Wallet.

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my head. But my dad has a clever method. He has them typed over a particular photo (of which there are thousands) and saved with a plants scientific name and buried. He just remembers that plant and lols it up to find his file.

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in my head…..

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in my brain.

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In my head. I have 5 or 6 for work and probably 7 or 8 personal ones.

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On a piece of old-fashioned paper.

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I only have a couple. And I just keep them in my head.

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Firefox’s password manager

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Private ones are in my head organized by type of site. Work ones are stored in my BlackBerry password manager.

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And a small notebook as back up…..

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Sxipper is a pretty cool firefox add-on too for remembering usernames/pwds and for form filling.

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I find passwords to be a problem as I can’t keep track of them so I tend to use the same ones over and over again. I know you shouldn’t and it makes things less secure but it has worked for me so far.

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