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Why does my PC restart itself a few seconds after start playing video games?

Asked by nerevars (221points) October 29th, 2013

After opening a video games, after a few seconds of play time, my PC restart by itself. And it’s not just one game, but a few games I own did that even though it was okay this morning.

Other than playing video games, my computer sometimes still restart by itself but in a few hours.

I’ve been trying to checkdisk, defrag, memory diagnostic but I still has the same problem.

Please, if anyone know the solution, tell me please so I can fix it.

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You can try a rollback to before there was a problem. System restore in windows, Time Machine in Mac

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Most likely, a PC shutting down like this could be caused either by Power issue or overheating of Graphic card.Check some other cause for Random reboots

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@drhat77 Gonna try that.
@Smitha There is a high chance that my power supply is want to get retire since it’s in my computer more than 5 years. Hope it’s not the case since I have a tight budget this month :(

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This was happening to my mom a few days ago. Anything video related would have it shutdown after a few minutes. No warning, it would just instantly cut power. Luckily the fix was some compressed air and a toothbrush. Pics here

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An extremely similar problem happened to me not long ago, computer would crash and restart after ~30–45 minutes after starting a game with high graphics, and started getting worse as you describe, eventually doing it on games I knew should not be a problem, like cave story. It did end up being my power supply :-/ (it was quite old, ~7 years). I swapped it out for a nice 750W corsair and I haven’t had any problems since. Sorry I can’t give you a cheaper answer but that seems highly likely.

Admittedly, the cleaning idea should be your first try, make sure your graphics card is clean. But if that doesn’t help I would suggest you start saving. Also, I would very much doubt it’s a software issue, as it’s happening in many different settings. May be worth a try, but I wouldn’t count on it.

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A cheap check to determine the cause: Take the cover off and see how much dust is stopping the flow of air in/around the CPU. My PC has an alum. heat sink that will attract dust and block the cooling air.
Use only compressed air [ can or air tank ] to clean out the dust. Use no vacuums!

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As other said, its probably overheating, Get as much dust as you can out of there, and hopefully it should rectify itself.
Just remember to disconnect the power first :)

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I just want to make sure everyone heard what dgee said. Never use a vacuum inside your computer. A can of compressed air is available at walmart for 6 bucks and will last you twenty cleanings.

A vacuum will fuck your computer pretty fast.

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what happens when you use vacuums in your pc? ( i did it once to clean out cobwebs.)

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A vacuum can build up a lot of static electricity that can fry the innards. It is like when installing RAM you should wear a grounded wrist strap. It only takes a tiny shock to damage things.

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Your motherboard is dying

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@ISmart Sorry, but I already figure it out. My CPU is overheat, so to protect itself, my computer restart. Especially when I choose high performance in power plans. I need to buy an aftermarket cooling system.

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