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Celeron vs. Pentium?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) June 25th, 2008

How does a Celeron CPU compare to a Pentium? More specifically, unless you’re doing any serious gaming or number crunching, does it really make a difference? I ask because I am planning on getting my dad a computer and I think that a Celeron might be plenty for email, wordprocessing, picture editing and basic spreadsheet type work. Do you guys think I should spend the extra $150 and get the Pentium? (By the way, if I could purchase a Mac for under a $1000, I would do that).

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Buy a Celeron instead of a Pentium, consediring what usage your dad will have with this computer, keep 150 $ for an external hard drive for backup, very usefull if his work is precious.

Nowadays, it’s very impressive to see that you buy a computer at 900$ juste for word processing or web broswing, with a super 4 core inside with the last GeForce 8 serie.

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Yeah. I am thinking of getting a $400—$500 Dell Laptop for him. Any recommendations? Meaning… any recommendations other than Dell?

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Maybe you should look at the Acer Aspire serie, affordable and maybe more reliable than a Dell. I found an Acer With a 2.0 Ghz Celeron, 2 GB Ram, 120 GB Hard Drive, 15.4 ”, DVD Burner Double Layer, Video Card : GMA (integrated chip, perfect for none gamer utilization) .

This one is sell about 400 Euros, here is its ref “ACER Aspire 5315–202G12Mi”.

For a Mac under 1000$, You have the possibility to go on the refurbirsh store, every Wednesday in France, which sell all Mac at interesting cost (up to 48% of saving). With this refurbish store, you can find a new iMac under 1000$ or a MacBook, even a MacBook Pro. All theses products have a waranty of 1 year too.

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i think celerons use less power than pentiums so they’re better for laptops. also check out the centrino, its higher performance with still good energy consumption. pentiums are getting pretty old now, I don’t think they’re worth the price.

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@atharkhan, I’ve been in the same boat: buying a low-end PC for the parents so they can get the basics done. I’ve regretted it ever since. The old adage is true: You get what you pay for.

Here are some of the words that Bill Gates used to describe his “Windows experience” in a single email: disappointed, backwards, unusable, totally confusing, strange, pathetic, completely odd, weird, scary, crazy, slow, garbage, not usable, crapped up, crap, absolute mess, craziness, terrible, and lack of attention.

That’s all. Like you, I don’t want to jack the thread into a Mac vs. Windows debate. But I came across that article today and found it very interesting.

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@atharkhan – Celeron is absolutely the best choice for what you are looking for, at least in the Windows world. They’re underpowered, but the architecture was designed for the kinds of applications you’re looking to use the new laptop for, so you won’t really notice the performance drop. It will chug if he starts getting into video rendering or high-end gaming, but for normal daily use, it’s right on target.

Your other option is to look for AMD’s budget line, but damned if I remember what they are called.

@8lightminutesaway – Celerons weren’t designed for laptops, they were designed for budget. Pentium M is designed for laptops. Centrino refers to any system that has 3 specific, qualified Intel parts – mobile processor, network adapter and mobile chipset. Celeron, Centrino, M, Core Duo – all of these are Pentiums, as Intel has continued to brand every new processor as Pentium.

So, a Celeron is also a Pentium, as is Centrino since it also requires the use of Pentium processor. Pentiums are not “getting pretty old now,” they are the name of every processor Intel has made since 1993. Well, if you exclude the brief period in 2006 where they considered retiring the name.

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Get the Pentium. Back in the day, I decided to get my mom an Dell b120 with a celeron processor. It is pretty slow and simply disappointing considering my own laptop is also 1.6ghz processor but a pentium. If you don’t want to spend the extra 150, take a look at some of the deals at HP. You can get decent Pentium dual core processor laptops for $ 450.

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@soundedfury… Really? Can you direct me to a site about that, I’m curious now. So my core 2 quad is a pentium? If so, why don’t they keep it in the name

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I’m wrong about Core, actually. But the rest is true. The Core line was released in 2006 when they temporarily stopped using the Pentium branding.

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