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Does anyone know of a good employee shift scheduling app?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9624points) October 30th, 2013

My neighbor is interested in a job shift scheduling app or website. This would be for a restaurant of 12 or fewer employees.

I found lots of ready-made Excel templates on the internet that could be used for such a purpose but the thing is, he’s not tech-savvy at all. I quickly realized that he would not be able to add rows or modify the formulas behind the cells to suit his particular situation or desires.

So, do you know of a website that has input forms or dialog boxes with pre-defined fields for the purpose of employee shift scheduling? I’m thinking of something along the lines of (which is for personal finance or budgeting) or (an calendaring app). Hopefully, the sites would be free (just like these aforementioned sites are), or very low cost.

Alternatively, inexpensive or open-source software that I could download and install on his laptop would also be an acceptable solution.

I should mention that the app does not need to generate payroll or do any tracking for income taxes. It would be great if the app could show everyone’s work hours for the week in one page, and be capable of keeping several months’ history.

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Check out ShiftNote – they have a scheduling tool and also a management communication tool and it’s all web-based and relatively inexpensive.

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We use It can handle the fact that we work on a 24 hour basis, that different people hold different roles on different days, and that each day has a varying number of staff over several shifts. It also sends a text or email when a change has been made to an established schedule.

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I know about this software. It is awesome technology for online employee scheduling software and mobile app for iphone and android.

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