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Thesis statement on cosmetology employment outlook?

Asked by jamarajanay (1points) October 30th, 2013

I need help thinking of a thesis statement for my research paper, I’m having a hard time!

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This is why you need a thesis statement: You need to define what it is that you plan to research, and perhaps “why”, and maybe even “why that” instead of any number of other things.

Your question here could be thought of as a thesis statement, of sorts. You need to define – which you have decidedly NOT done – what it is that you want help with.

For example, it is completely unclear to me what it is that you want help with. Do you plan to write a thesis on “the outlook for employment in the field of cosmetology”? Or are you going to attempt to discuss “career development in the field”? What will be the basis of the research? Are you attempting to address a local employment situation? National? Worldwide? And why cosmetology?

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@CWOTUS according to Wikipedia cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatment. Who knew?

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Put your best face forward in the job market!

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