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Which indefinite article should i use before "one", eg, "a one dimensional line" or "an one dimensional line"?

Asked by joshuav (17points) June 25th, 2008
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Oops, sorry rob, I was a little too late

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You should use “a” because even though “one” starts with a vowel it makes the consonant sound of “W.”

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An ostrich, a unicorn, a whoop-de-do, a whippersnapper. English is very odd for the non-native speaker, and for some native speakers, also.

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And “one dimensional” should be hyphenated because it precedes a noun.

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@gail, I agree. And on tangent, I’m increasingly of the opinion that I might start using mouses as a plural as that’s the more consistent form in general, especially if one wishes to consider houses as establishing precedent.

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Here is a phunnee essay on hyphens

And another on The Semicolon

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rob: I used to spend a lot of time with ESL students and still refer to things as mouses and fishies and sheepies. (the ies was my method of not sounding like a fool in other situations. Most just assumed I had a little sibling.

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