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How does one make use of Yoga music?

Asked by DaphneT (5745points) November 1st, 2013

I have several yoga CDs that provide music for poses, breath work, meditation and relaxation. If I’m doing poses, how do I use the music? As background? As timing guide, changing poses with each new piece? As a yoga dance, by changing poses with the flow of the piece? As something else?

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I don’t like music with yoga. It distracts me.

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As background. It can set the mood for Savasana.

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Use it as background music. Chose the songs that are soft and soothing and help you relax.

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Personally I have always combined yoga with the breathing and the silence. I also would find music not only distracting but counterproductive.

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I like music with yoga on occasion. Though I have not tried yoga music. I enjoy deviatians and variants. I use the timing to direct my flow. Music is about change changes happen in the piece so I change positions with those changes.

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While I’m not one that practices yoga, I do meditate a lot. For me music is something that is a nice background that helps put my mind in the state where it is easier to drift away.

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Music is usually used in Yoga as a tool to help drown out any thoughts and allow the students to sink deeper into various asanas. The main purpose is focus and concentration. But I personally don’t like yoga music. When we are drawing our mind and consciousness to various aspects of our physical and mental being, external sounds are definitely a distraction.

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I happen to agree with @Judi and @gailcalled and @Smitha… and suggest to turn it off.

Music, even calm and contemplative, may ease the initial step from day-to-day chaos into the focus state cultivated for asanas, but just beyond that while you strive for deeper concentration the music will be distracting, especially if you have become dependent on it to make that first step.

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Speaking of yoga music, I’ve always been a huge fan of Desert Dwellers

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