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Foodies: How to best cook millet?

Asked by Unbroken (10714points) November 3rd, 2013

I bought some the other day and have never tried it. Where do I start?

I was told it tastes good but I assume it needs some doctoring up, what do you recommend? I don’t even know what the texture is like cooked.

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Fix it just like rice. And use it as you would rice. It’s a whole grain food and is very bland. It will accept all sorts of seasoning and flavors.

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This link shows 3 ways to cook millet. Hope it helps! :)

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I’ve never made it myself, but This Should Help

It has a texture that is similar to quinoa, in that it is soft inside, but a wee bit crunchy on the outside (even though the grains are so tiny, you wouldn’t think you could distinguish an inside from the outside).

I’ve mostly had millet made into a “burger patty” type of a thing and This Recipe sounds mighty tasty.

If you’d like to try some soup with millet, this recipe for Curried Broccoli and Millet Soup sounds good.

Or this Mushroom Millet Soup

Or for breakfast, you might like these slightly lemony Millet Muffins

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Place in bird/squirrel feeder.

Hang feeder outdoors.

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@BitchProcess I glanced at your name and thought it said “BitchPrincess”. lol
That would be the coolest Fluther name ever!

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Thanks everyone I never had any idea millet was so versatile. Here I was thinking oh joy another porridge….

Can’t want to get started. And it will be excellent alternative to quinoa and rice. I think it might be good in stuffed bell peppers and would add texture in place of bread crumbs sometimes.

Welcome @BitchProcess to the fray. Hopeyou enjoy it here.

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For one cup of Millet add two cups of water. Set the millet to medium high heat and when it starts boiling turn the heat down to low and cover the pot. After 10–15 minutes all the water should be absorbed and the millet will be cooked.

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Thank you for the welcome. My SN has been changed to SecondHandStoke as having profanity in one’s SN cannot be NSFW labeled.

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