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Have you been having trouble sending messages on Facebook?

Asked by Trustinglife (6663points) June 25th, 2008

When I try to send a message, nothing happens when I hit the Send button. Once in about 10 times it actually works, which makes it even more weird.

The Help section on Facebook says, “If you are currently experiencing problems with messages on Facebook, you may need to install the latest version of your browser. Please make sure that you are using one of the supported browsers below:


1. Internet Explorer 7.0
2. Firefox 2.0”

IE 7.0 worked once for me, and hasn’t worked since.
And I now have Firefox 3.0, which is the latest version, and that doesn’t work for messages. Any ideas for me?

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This answer might be insulting to you, but as Facebook is very AJAXified, make sure you don’t have any sort of block on JavaScript.

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I haven’t tried to send any messages, but d*** Packrat keeps going down! Really bad when you need a game fix.

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@Lefteh, wasn’t insulting. Actually not sure how to unblock JavaScript. How do I?

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In Firefox 3, go to Preferences, click Content, and there should be a checkbox for Enable Javascript.

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Facebook has some major hiccups with FF3. I dont message much on facebook, but it has refused to open links from the home page sometimes for me. I am pretty sure its not the javascript thing because facebook gives you a small yellow message saying that you should enable javascript or do to upgrade your browser

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I tried what you said, Lefteh, and it still didn’t work. (I disabled JavaScript in Options.)
Do you have any suggestions, Mirza? Anyone?

Messaging is one of the nice things about Facebook, and right now it’s not working at all. Help?

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@TrustingLife: I personally decided to downgrade to the latest version of Firefox 2. It basically solved all my facebook issues. Yes FF2 has memory issues and what-not, but all my websites including facebook work perfectly and i can use all my plug-ins again

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Cool. How do I downgrade?

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First download a Firefox from here. Uninstall Firefox 3.0 and install firefox 2.0.

Also you might want to back up your bookmarks from FF3. TO do so simply click, Bookmarks on top, select export html and save it somewhere

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@Trustlinglife: Sorry if I was unclear, you should have been making sure the checkbox was checked. But it sounds like it wasn’t working anyway. mirza’s solution will probably work for you.

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Did this work? I’m having the same issues.

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It did – I no longer have a problem with this. I just sent a message today. They eventually worked out the bugs with the new Facebook – or so it seems.

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cant get in2 my messages on fb

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