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How is Fluther and jellyfish related?

Asked by mirza (5042points) July 9th, 2007

just wondering whats the corrolation between the logo/avatars and the site itself???

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it should have been "Are" in the question

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a fluther is a group of jellyfish :)

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What is Fluther?

Answer =]

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Fluther is Jellyfish spellt backwards.

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? max - Haha Um... no it's not? Where'd that come from d-:

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Fluther is a group of Jellyfish.

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Max you are completely wrong, Fluther is Retard spelt backwards….

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spelt is a grain.

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went went went

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Listen the flutherite are legion. Along with the squidoos and most recently newly formed batallions of hulus, their aim is to overcome the last human resistance. We have been unwittingly driving their machines by the energy created through our discourse. They are relatively harmless but the hulus who have overcome the entity known as Alec Baldwin are preparing an all out onslaught. But we have already been hooked up to their machines and firmly embedded in the matrix. But they are really quite weak and it is only through our tacit complicity are they moving with such ease…more will be revealed…..Amazon is their base of operations

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Fluther is to jellyfish as Harpo is to Oprah.

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