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If a co-worker is in a minor car accident & goes home for the afternoon, should you call to check on them that same day?

Asked by hollym (304points) June 25th, 2008

Or should you just fluther the question and hope that they read it? I hope you’re okay, banjo!

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I would.

Hope your doing ok banjo.

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if you are friends with the person, then the kind thing to do is to call them to check on them to show your concern. if you don’t really know the person—except that they work at the same place you do, then it might be awkward if you call.

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I would call to check; did they get checked out by a doctor for any injuries?

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Give him a call and wish him well from me too.

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I just called, but no answer. I bet he just wanted the afternoon off! :)

And I’m pretty sure he’s doing okay. He was checked out by a dr. (wow, will he be annoyed that I’m putting all this on fluther? I hope not!)

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Oh no, not PtB!

If he was just shaken(shooken?) up then I’d let him rest peacfully for awhile.

Let’s hope he gets back to his Banjoin’ soon.

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No answer does not mean anything. Bruised and with the inevitable adrenaline hangover from an accident, he might have laid down.

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If you’re asking then you’re probably not that close to him. Send him an email.

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My question was more in regards to whether or not it would be a bother, not how close I was or was not to him. That really doesn’t matter to me, I mean, coming off as awkward or whatever. I couldn’t care less. I just don’t want to hassle anyone.

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It sounds like you simply want to express your care and concern for him. When that is the case for me, I try not to hesitate and just do it. I don’t think it’s a hassle. Maybe the bigger danger is banjo not feeling loved!

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~AWE…did banjo have to take a day off (not only from work) from FLUTHER? <pukes>
No, we love you, banjoman…get better soon :-)

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LOL. Thanks holly. Boy do I feel loved. I am getting all gushy. Or maybe that’s just gas. Now if I could go back to sleep. Mmm muscle relaxers are good.

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