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Jonas Brothers?

Asked by Miss_Lys (97points) June 25th, 2008

I dont really care for the Jonas brothers but my sister is in love with them especially “JOE” but why do people like them so much, i don’t think they could really sing. Whats so good about them? OPINIONS anyone?

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I haven’t even heard of them, but with a name like JOE, how can’t you love them!

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You must know some who’s name is joe that your very fond of then….lol!

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yep… me… lol

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Disney strikes again. Lindsay Lohan, the cast of High School Musical, Miley Cyrus. Disney is a star-making machine. Most kids eagerly absorb what is promoted on TV.

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ask any 11-year-old.

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to charliecompany34: keep in mind my sister is 17 years old. lol

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I thought it was like a little kid thing….....
I’m so glad I had a boy instead of a girl, I just dont think I could deal with listening to that crap.

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i’m so sick of these talent-less pop stars. the disney channel makes me so angry, you don’t even know.
they took a good thing (mickey mouse, etc etc) and turned it to shit like highschool musical and corny made-for-tv movies. terrible.

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lest we mention naked brothers band.

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@charliecompany34 Got a link?

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My daughter, who is fourteen , is totally obsessed with the Jonas Brothers! They are cute. She had all of her friends here for a party when their movie premiered last

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the description of your question should be…..are tools

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Yes, it is true that Disney has made them popular.
If you’ve listened to their music you would think they deserve the popularity. Their songs are about falling love, falling out of love, diabetes [ Nick, the youngest, has diabetes] and many other teen related subjects. They make teens feel “not alone”
Most girls who happen to be in love with the Jonas Brothers like them because they are goodlooking and they have been on Disney. But to girls, like me, like them for their music, and how much of a great role models they are.
And a lot of people don’t like them, for reason I don’t understand but it is their opinion, much like it is my opinion to like them.
Hopefully this has helped.

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