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Would you vote for or against this?

Asked by hollym (304points) June 25th, 2008

An Honor that Bush is Unlikely to Embrace Do you think it’s right or wrong to try and have a sewage plant named after President Bush? Will it drive the point home to future generations that President Bush was a terrible president?

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someone asked me to sign the petition and i said no. it is kind of funny so if it ends up on the ballot, maybe i will….............. although isnt all publicity good publicity???

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I’d prefer to just forget him.

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I guess I won’t get the chance, not being in San Francisco.

Maybe we should start a “movement” (sorry, could not help myself) to get plants in all 50 states named for him.

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Good idea. I don’t think that it is good or bad.

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It’s better to have his name on a sewage plant than anything else. How would you like to live on Walker Bush Street?

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Sewage treatment plants actually do a good thing. It might be better to find something that turns everything that goes through it to shit. Maybe I will name my intestines after him.

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why don’t we just reverse it & name him after a sewage plant?

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Wow roting wast, that IS the best idea I have herd in a long time. And as a + to this idea he can be dumped into it when he dies.

@JP if it was that way and he was dumped into it nothing would happen

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@Melonking I know that you are sensitive on this subject, but please hear that my comment is well meant. You need to spend some time, my friend, learning how to spell, because as your life progresses some people (future employers, etc.) will judge you for it. It makes it hard for people to look beyond how you say it to what you are saying.

In the above: rotting (not roting) waste (not wast) and heard (not herd, which is a group of animals like cows).

Your comment was actually quite clever, but I had to read through it a couple of times.

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Such a dream, me spelling well it could only come true if they add proper spell check to the iPhone :(

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If they buried him in the sewage plant, then yes, bravo, encore, etc. Otherwise, why waste energy?

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Yes! Can we put him inside the sewage??? Can we, huh? Huh? Please!!!!

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Well, I’m thinking that naming a ‘PLANT’ after a president is a bit dis-respectful. I agree with your opinion. I agree with AxSqrd, If they buried him in the sewage plant, then yes, bravo, ect. Otherwise, why waste energy?

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I don’t think a single moment should be officially wasted on an idea like this. It takes energy and money to debate official ideas, so only important ideas should be officially brought up.

Furthermore, sewage plants are not bad things. Sewage plants are good things. They are a helpful part of the infrastructure. We need them, and they make our lives comfortable. Bush was not a good thing. Bush was not a helpful part of the infrastructure. We did not need Bush, and Bush only made his friends’ lives comfortable, while literally proxy murdering thousands of innocent people.

So Yes on sewage plants, but NO on naming them after Bush.

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