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Are silent treatments effective or damaging?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) June 25th, 2008

some like to talk things and solve differences. some dont say a word for days or weeks on end.

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I do not see how one single thing is accomplished by the “silent treatment.” Since the goal in a relationship should be to resolve conflict not punish the other party, it seems immature at best.

Why not instead air your grievance so the other party can respond?

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Sometimes its helpful to let emotions settle before trying to solve problems; it can often mean the difference between a fight and a discussion. But bottling up for long periods of time isn’t healthy for anyone involved, or the realationship.

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I love silence, only because I can’t stand loud noises….I won’t even blowdry my hair because I hate the sound…..but that’s a diffent subject so anyways…
I think it depends on what the fight was about, if it was petty crap then sometimes just not talking for a few hours untill you forget why your mad, can be a good thing. If its something more serious then then the silent treatment would probably make the matter worse.

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Sometimes it can only be the silent treatment—things get too tense or angry. But I think the sooner that can be defused the better. A few hours makes the point, and reduces the anger. After that, conversation about the problem is essential. I assume you are talking about a couple living together.

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Ultimately ineffective.
Initially it serves the same purpose as storming out and slamming the door, a quick temporary resolution to conflict.
Dragging it out for weeks on end requires a level of spite that most people would find unsustainable. Bad ju-ju. Seek help.

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Silent treatment is the immature way to deal with issues. I think it is ok to take a few hours or a day or so to cool down, but eventually it is much better to talk things through, like an adult.

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