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[SFW] What unasked question do you want to answer?

Asked by ETpro (34543points) November 8th, 2013

Surely there is something that has not been asked, or hasn’t since you arrived on Fluther, that you’ve been itching to answer. Well TGIF because here’s your chance. Pose your unasked question as the answer to this question, and then you can answer it yourself. You’re off the hook. It’s not your fault you are answering your own question, it’s mine. That’s what I asked you to do. And if your question is MA or X rated nature, not to worry. Just click to the NSFW version here.

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Q: Who killed Bambi?
A: Probably Dick Cheney, although to be fair, he was probably aiming for pheasant.

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How many jellies have ever been to jail?
I haven’t, but I would like a tour some day.

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Why do we use fluther?
A: To share ideas
Why do we need to share ideas

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Where are my matching socks?

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Q How can I find a girlfriend like the one BFF that got away?

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I can’t give you the question, but I can give you the answer.


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@ucme A: If it was Cheney he had to be aiming at something else. It’s not that he wouldn’t do it. It’s just that he’s not a good enough shot to have killed Bambi on purpose.


@antimatter I assume the answer is the same for all of us. “Because my ideas are so important.” :-)

@cookieman Abducted by aliens, or course. I though everybody knew that.

@talljasperman If I had the answer to that one, I’d already have her to myself, my friend. :-)

@Blondesjon Too easy. Candy is the answer to ALL QUESTIONS.

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@ETpro Hence the pheasant comment.

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@ucme Sorry. I thought that even without saying, it would be obvious that comment is what I was playing off of.

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