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Do you think legalization of marijuana at the state and federal level will happen?

Asked by Emmy1234 (878points) November 9th, 2013

Legalization of marijuana is a major discussion topic. Do you think it will be legalized eventually? What benefits of legalization do you think this will have for the U.S.? If you don’t think it should be legalized why? I believe its a good thing I think its a financial plus for the US taxes and tourism. What about you? Oh and BTW I am not a marijuana smoker but did about 10+ years ago.

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Heck, yes! Because most of all, money talks! And everybody needs the added tax revenue.

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It doesn’t really matter, ‘cause everyone I know who wants to smoke weed does it even if it isn’t legal. (But it’s not illegal in Germany either, I don’t know what about England and the Us).
However, I agree with @kritiper

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I hope not. Just because we can get tax money doesn’t mean it is good for society.

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@filmfann- I see it as having benefits because of decreased prison overcrowding also. I don’t know too many potheads that are violent towards society. Druglords yes but not the regular old pot head. I also see it as pot is not as bad as alcohol and cigarettes. You aren’t going to get cancer from pot but maybe COPD and emphysema and it is evidently medically beneficial because there would not be medical marijuana if it wasn’t. Let just say that alcohol is pretty bad stuff with DUI’s, alcohol related deaths from DUIs, cirrohosis, alcohol poisoning, and alcohol related violence. I don’t ever see pot as causing any of this. It might make society more lazy which we deifinetly don’t need in America right now but that is really the only downfall I can think of off hand.

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Yes, but probably only if you’re 21 or older, which doesn’t make sense to me.

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Yes, with age restrictions. The taxability makes it very tempting.

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We’ll see how WA state does; it’s been legal here for a while.

Watching the Seattle PD handing out Doritos at Hemp Fest was priceless!

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I sure hope so. Because then the government could tax the hell out the sales of it and put that money back into paying off our national debt or put it toward housing the homeless or feeding the hungry.

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@Bluefreedom- I completely agree that tax money could be put to good use!

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If the US did legalise marijuana the rest of us in South America and the Caribbean would do the same. Much of our hesitation arises from the fact that the biggest market for illicit drugs in the new world, if not in the whole world, is the US. Would we be allowed to legalise it if the US did not?

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Are you kidding. When the states get a taste of the tax revenue and see that the stuff is less debilitating than booze, they will be falling over themselves to legalize, regulate and tax.

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I sure as hell hope so. The amount of money that can be made by taxation alone is astounding.

Also, opening a bakery/weed cafe does sound like something I’d enjoy doing.

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As long as no legislation is making it through congress because the two parts are too busy thwarting each other, changing marijuana laws at the Federal level remains a pipe dream.

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