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Can I sell Unused Autodesk unregistered Academic software online?

Asked by techmann (4points) November 9th, 2013

Hi guys
My friend just gave me like 2 of the Autodesk academic product on line, 1 X Building Design, 1 X product Design, they are both still shrink wrapped not used, I believe you have to be a student even to get the Serial, so my question can I sell these on ebay since they are not even used to opened, Please help

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I don’t see why not. When I bought student software I had to prove I was a student at the time of purchase, not during installation. Given the system requirements are met whoever purchased it shouldn’t have any trouble installing or registering the software. The serial should come with the packaged materials. You should note though that it is a student verion which may be different from the professional version.

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Technically no. The EULA forbids transferring the licence to another owner. Given that Autodesk has already taken legal action (sucessfully) against the resale of its products on eBay I’d be hessitant to list them.

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@Lightlyseared – I thought that they lost the case.

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@elbanditoroso they lost at the district court but the decision was reversed on appeal by the ninth circuit.

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