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Why cant people just come out and admit they are wrong?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) June 25th, 2008

they never say “i’m sorry.” they seem to never make mistakes. and when they do, it is never as big as the mistake YOU made.

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Hi,Charlie; welcome. This question was asked a while ago:

But there are many new people who might have their own take on this vital question.

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I’m never wrong, therefore I don’t have to apologise.

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One word: PRIDE

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ADINA1968 I think you just summed it up. Also embarrisment of being wrong.

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Its because most ppl are like me, they have too much pride and when it comes down to it in there mind they think this “there is no way I have ever made a wrong spelling, they are wrong not me” and hay, if I shoot you with a gun (with out meaning to) its not as bad as when you didant bring €3 for the bus so I was forced to walk 15 mins to my house, just cuz you know I’m me.

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Because we think that if we’re proven wrong, it makes our status as a person go down and is a poor reflection of ourselves.

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It is probably pride for many people but others have a pathological need to be right, or they are self deluded or they have something like a narcissistic personality disorder. The reasons vary.

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I agree with reed that there is more than one reason.

I think another one is poor self esteem. Some folks think that if they admit to making a mistake, it means they are less admirable people when actually th opposite is true.

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Could you be any more of a pompous ass?

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do the majority of people understand what humility is?

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please do expound my brother…

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It’s human nature to defend yourself, appear to be the bigger cleverer person.

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People who forge good and healthy relationships can admit they are wrong or the other person has a good point. Moving beyond being defensive is a sign of maturity. Would the world end if you said, “I made a mistake”?

Marina (looking up) said it better than I.

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Well for the most part I also refuse to admit my mistakes in real life. Its partially because I hate to admit I made a mistake, I have a pretty huge ego and i simply refuse to be perfect like everyone else. You lose anyways both if you admit you made a mistake or simply not agree that you did. Might as well go for the latter since it doesn’t effect your self-conscious

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@gc But not without typos, which I seem to be full of tonight.

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Almost as curious are those who, when apologized to, can’t accept it. Especially in situations where, and they are more common than not, both parties are to blame for the disagreement.

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@Bri_L True. Perhaps worthy of a whole separate discussion.

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Because, we cannot show ourselves as weak individuals, thus, we always pretend we are right :S

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