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What can I do to get rid of the tangles in my electronic cords?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) November 10th, 2013

I have a television and router for each phone internet and cable, a portable dvd player a chargers for my phone, the fridge, microwave and clock, and a stereo and finally a lamp… Oh don’t forget the laptop and charger. All have to many cords and I am using 9 or so outlets and most are bunched in the corner of the bedroom.

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Cable ties.

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Your electrical cables can’t be as tangled as the first sentence in the details.

I gather that you have a lot of cords going to various outlets and terminating at various points in the room. My first suggestion would be that you tie together the cords that are “always plugged in”, such as your television, router, clock and fridge, for example, at least whenever they run along the same route. (You could even run them through a length of PVC pipe to keep them from tangling and getting dusty, if that’s important to you.) I would also plug them into the most remote outlets that the cords will reach, since they don’t need to be unplugged.

Next, you could do what I do and tie together the cables / cords that are only used intermittently or not used simultaneously. For example, if you have a cordless phone cradle and a rechargeable electric razor, they don’t both need to be charging at the same time. When the razor is recharging, you can unplug the phone, and vice versa. So those cords I would ensure ran to the same points, and tie them together at the plug end and the business end. That way you’ll be able to unplug the razor – and not lose the cord end – and plug in the phone.

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