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If your blood colour reflected your personality, what would it be and why?

Asked by cage (3117points) June 25th, 2008

Mine would be white, but I don’t really know why. Hmmm, probably so I could go “whoops, cut my self again, I’m milking all over the place!”

I’m quite interested to know as blood is the thing that keeps us alive too.

Lets also be a bit crazy and say that people can see your blood through your skin too, so we don’t get anyone telling me “you can’t see blood through your skin silly boy”
ahaa ha ha :)

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Do you have any idea how badass that would be?

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I’d like a pattern. Maybe white, with little different colored flowers.

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Glow in the dark green. I could run around the dark parts of a nuclear power plant and scream at the top of my lungs, “Holy nuclear shit, I’m friggin’ radioactive!”

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the color/material of the TX in T2: Judgement Day

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If everyone is changing, I wanna keep mine red. Then I’ll be different, but classic.

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I want hot pink blood.

Or orange…

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Mine would be the color of the Gulf of Mexico on a sunny day—an incredible aquamarine. For reason, see meaning for my name.

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actually I’m gonna change mine to electric blue. that would be fudging awesome!

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clear! then I would never get bloodstains on my clothes from nosebleeds and things of that nature.

[1. I know clear is not a color. I suppose my answer should have been “colorless”
2. I am not nearly as prone to nosebleeds as I used to be.]

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This is kind of homerish I know, but in Knoxville, TN we have a saying we live by. Our blood runs Orange! GO VOLS!!!

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Wow! With all those removals, I’m afraid to answer!!!

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@Chawk- haha, I know what you mean. Back in my high school days, all the kids with “pirate pride” would say they bleed purple and gold.

Your college suggestion reminds me of another reason to keep mine red. Anyone from Arkansas has to be a hogs fan. =)

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What was with all those removals, anyway? It was just a back-and-forth on whether it was an appropriate question.

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green and purple stripes. Fun! Just think how cool it would look if you got a paper cut. Hmmm maybe people would want to hurt themselves if they had cool looking blood. Thats not such a good thing, nevermind.

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Blue, so people would finally understand my inner nobility.

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@Marina – I know, I don’t fully understand either, mods eh! Can’t live with them, can’t live withou… oh wait, you probably could. :)

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[Fluther Moderator:] There was enough debate about appropriate questions in the debate about appropriate questions question! Just trying to get things back on topic here. Oh, and if my blood was a colour, I would choose brown. Just because it would look awful if I cut myself.

@cage: You clearly have no idea how much spam we get.

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@richardhenry, yes I do. you tell me ALL the time!

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@richardhenry Thanks for the explanation, which makes perfect sense. And thanks for doing what you do, which seems like a thankless task for the most part.

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Well, if you are what you eat (or drink), it would be the color of chardonnay! :-P

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Purple is a dreamy, yet rich color. At least in my mind.

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