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What do you think about when you are making out with someone?

Asked by illusionslies (586points) November 10th, 2013

If anything…

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I try not to think about anything other than not “arriving too soon at the destination”.

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Dirty Thoughts!

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Do you think you’ll live to tell the tale?

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If theyre’ hot: what’s going to happen next. If they’re not, or kiss badly, or somehow make it a turn off: How to gracefully get out of it.

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Naked moderators salivating over an imminent removal…phwoarrr!

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If I were thinking of anything – rather than being immersed in enjoying the sensual experience – it would likely mean that their kissing style was different than mine, so I’d have been trying to figure out how to meld make-out techniques.

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Making out? I am always too busy making someone out. Of course, married people don’t ‘make out’. That term takes me way back.

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I think about them. I think about their body. How much I want them.

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I think about what we’re going to do next.

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I think about how I like them and how it’s like we’re melting into each other.

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